Monday, August 29, 2011

Small note and thank you!!

Hi Friends,

Thanks for reading my posts and seeing my videos (amateur ones) and it has been fun for the last 2-3 months. Now the times change again. I will be heading off to work and will find less or absolutely no time to write anything. But that doesn't mean the "blog" is dead.

I promise to write posts and do some eye makeup looks and videos as and when time permits (I am lucky to get 2 offs in a week)................Do drop in to see and read time to time and please send me any queries if you have....

Thanks and Cya

Till then,



  1. I just stimbled upon your blog.....please don't quit. You have to continue writing and posting amazing make up tips !!

  2. Hi Neelam........I am not going anywhere.just that the posts may be a bit less frequent dats all!!

  3. aww :( Neeraj ... i know how busy you will be from now on ... have seen you juggling between work and home :D :D ....
    but its good that you are going to share more and more new products with us here .. isnt it ??

  4. You are so lucky you work in a field that you obviously have so much interest in.. I am pretty sure you will be back with some awesome posts soon. Have been a bit busy myself so have some backlog of posts here to read through (and videos too) :D :D

  5. Will miss your tuts :(Will miss your tuts :(

  6. Hope you don't stop blogging, I'm in the same boat as you, going back to school and grrr soo much to do, not enough time but must keep blogging.

  7. i saw your article on wise she and i was soooooo excited so i tracked u down :), i LOVE your videos too :)


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