Sunday, August 28, 2011

Strength and Weaknesses!!

This philosophical lemma does not direct towards freedom fighting or anti-corruption. I hate corruption and strive for its uprooting from the root. But this article is corruption free (but does using cheats) while doing makeup.

Thousands of millions of products are available and we purchase teeny weeny amounts of them. Those limited edition MAC pigments make us go crazy and I don't deny going myself too. We have piles of makeup that cannot be used due to many reasons like: -

  1. Heavy texture
  2. Wrong color
  3. Bad color payoff
  4. Too bright
  5. Too dull
  6. Impulsive purchase
  7. Madness and maniac purchasing of branded makeup ("materialistic" world like America of getting artificial happiness by buying branded stuff)
  8. And so many more
But nonetheless we are humans and we often do mistakes. The best part of doing a mistake is to rectify it and I thought and compiled few shortcuts and beauty tips that could do wonders to your normal makeup routine. I want to thank from my heart these people from Youtube for my inspirations (I havent copied much of their stuff) Dustin Hunter, Pixiwoo, Enkoremakeup, Petrilude, Michelle Phan, Bryanboy, Pursebuzz, Eve Pearl and  Allthatglitters1....they have amazing tips to share and I love them for that.

So what is it all about??

  • We go wrong with the foundation almost always. It not only is light but looks ghostly and cakey. FIXER If the foundation has SPF apply it directly over your moisturizer. The foundation would darken a bit due to oxidation and give you almost the perfect color if you havent gone too wrong with the coloring. Otherwise always use a primer. For this method you would like to invest in an inexpensive primer like Oriflame's Face Primer (also can be used on eyes and is pure silicones and nothing else) as you may need lot of it. Apply primer over entire face (make sure it is transparent, non shimmery and fluid in texture as opposed to creamy) and pat with fingers. Mix a bit of primer into light foundation and apply sheer layer over the entire face. Dust with little darker than foundation shade of powder and it gives you the exact color. This method is not fail proof though.
  • Smoky eyes can give you an animalistic edge. That beautiful animal is "Racoon" or "Panda" if you like China. You suffer major fall outs due to many reasons including not dusting off the excess eyeshadow from the brush or applying product in dry lids (without a primer) and so many. Everyone cannot afford "eye shields" especially those who need to do makeup everyday. For such major fall outs I suggest applying foundation after doing eye makeup. Dab some extra face primer in the under eye area and wipe it off with tissue. Generally all the eyeshadow fall outs get washed off.
  • If you have used foundation and you had eyeshadow fall outs, then with a damp brush just brush them off. I suggest using fluffy brushes like MAC 217 to do so.
  • Some makeup products act like erasers if used with sponges. Especially makeup primers and liquid foundations. But the bad thing is they can also move the concealer from its place so I always try to apply concealer before the foundation. For those who didn't know, the composition of makeup remover is similar to foundation or primer (they all have silicones especially waterproof products) and that why it is easy to remove them off.
  • Did your blush shout "Loud"?? Either dab in translucent powder (it is a cliche) or something that I learnt, spray a Face Mist like MAC fix + spray over a clean duo fibre brush from any brand and gently swirl over the excess blush. Blush gets diluted and also you get an additional dewy finish.
  • Concealers scare us. It caused "Reverse Panda Eyes Syndrome" when gone wrong. I liked this trick which is a hybrid of what two schools of thought use. I apply concealer with a flat synthetic concealer brush to load the color and then blend it with MAC 217 brush in small stippling strokes. I tried it out yesterday actually and it went wonderfully.
  • Have small lashes? Sometimes mascara may not promise you. I found out individual lashes and "demi-lashes" which are so amazing and can enliven your eye makeup.
  • Have a shimmery gloss that is driving you crzay with bits of sparkle everywhere. You can tone down the gloss by adding a normal lip balm or clear shiny gloss. It looks more tamed and nice. Same thing goes with really dark glosses. We need to dilute them and they go great.
  • This is not a solution but a tip! Your face and eyes are precious. So please invest in good quality foundations, powders and mascaras as they can not only make a big difference but also can cause major problems if gone wrong.

Hope you find this article nice....There are more to come but I couldn't fit it in one post...
Do keep reading..

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  1. hey ! i loved the blush trick Neeraj..thanks :)

  2. Hey neat tricks!! m gonna have to try these

  3. Thanks a lot.....There are more to come...

    The blush trick is awesome! Try it and u will master the art!

    u can use MAC dupe of 187 from Sigma as it works fine...They do have free shipping offers so keep watch!

  4. very nice tricks about make up, Neeraj. i m always confused about selecting skin care products and brands n of course i hv tried many products . can u plz suggest me some good products... so i can follow skin care regime like a religion?

  5. @celebration...............surely...plz mail me on


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