Tuesday, September 27, 2011


As Illamasqua quotes, "makeup for an altered ego!", its about experimenting. I get a bit persona-change when it comes to creative makeup and with a colored palette at disposal its not a big feat to achieve!
I love color blocking and color placement especially with vivid colors placed side by side to create this ultra-alluring fantasy of reflective light and then adding some dark drama (with false lashes et al) to absorb the much radiated energy.

With my new BH Cosmetics 120 Eyeshadow 2nd Edition palette, doing such looks would be any easy task. Btw with the number of eyeshadows present, I will just be featuring the palette and that all and doing nothing more than describing the conventional names of eyeshadows used. I will surely describe other products keeping the palette as highlight!

( Please note, there was a camera error on the fuchsia pink as Canon could not capture that truly vivid colors, so please pardon!)


  • Clinique Superbalanced Makeup
  • YSL Touche Eclat
  • Clinique Blended Face Powder
  • MAC Blush in Hipness
  • Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Nectar


Clinique Lipstick in Beach Coral with MAC Dazzleglass in Phiff!


  • BH Cosmetics 120 Eyeshadows 2nd edition palette
  • UD primer potion (from the Naked Palette)
  • NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Pencil in Purple
  • Kryolan False Lashes (Uroparis are much better and 1/3rd the cost cheaper)
  • Estee Lauder Sumptuous Volume Mascara
  • MAC Brow gel
  • Bourjois Chrome pencil in Green (forgot the name and misplaced it in the stash)
Brushes used were: -

MAC 217, Smashbox Small Dome brush, Shiseido Small eyeshadow brush, Essence of Beauty Duo brush and Clinique Blush brush with Benefit Fan Brush

Get the Look!

This is the palette with marked colors that I used. I swear I used all those colors and blended them very well. Please ignore the camera error in the open eyes picture.

Start with UD primer potion all over the lid and on the lower lid too. Apply Purple Pencil for better adherence of the eyeshadow on the upper lid. Place the colors shown below individually with clean brushes and blend at the corners. Place complimentary colors and analogous colors next to each other or as desired. You have many colors to play with so enjoy the melange.

This is what I managed to do. I stuck the false lashes after curling my real lashes and applying mascara. Since there is no black liner involved you may see the spine of the false lash which I believe is fine.

More pictures...........

Do get inspired to create unforgettable picture perfect masterpieces like this for fun! I am going to play with the BH cosmetics palette to create some halloween looks as well which I will post as soon as I create them. Just need to get inspired.

Please let me know, if you would love to see more of these fantasy looks!!

Till then,



  1. Fabulous..you really put that palette to good use, didn't you?! :D it's awesome your work with colourr..

  2. beautifully done Neeraj and so neat and precise..I am sure this look would have given u lot of creative satisfaction :)

  3. Wow... This is soooo pretty and sooo vibrant. Love the look. Thanks for sharing neeraj :)Wow... This is soooo pretty and sooo vibrant. Love the look. Thanks for sharing neeraj :)

  4. Thank Rads........U know I was looking for inexpensive options to create these looks as this doesnot happen with conventional palettes.....Thanks dat u liked it!

  5. Thanks Beauty Diva!! Many more such looks to come!

  6. @ Anamika.......The placement of colors is the essence of this look!! glad u liked it!!

  7. I never thought using so many colours together was even possble (And I LOVE colour!)

    BUT you make it look so eye-catching and awesome!

    I wish I could do even 2 colours properly! :P

  8. @viva....its not so difficult.....actually there is not even any blending anywhere....I just love the splash of colors!

  9. Wow thats such a unique eye makeup! i love the splash of colors..fabulous neeraj!

  10. NEERAJ !!!!! So beautiful and crisp it is , I am stunned to see this piece of art .....
    am sure you will post more and more complex look , the look is out of the boundary :D

    loveddddd it

  11. @Parita, @Kejal and @Rashmi...........I am so happy dat u liked the look!

  12. WOW amazing! I love this, simply stunning. I am in awe :D

  13. Thanks a lot Shivani. So happy to see u on my blog!! Would be doing more looks like this soon.


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