Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thanks to ALL!

Dear Readers and all my dear friends,

I love your comments and love them when they pour even more but unfortunately I am not able to respond as I work the whole day and come home really late. That doesn't mean, you dont comment as your comments and positive feedback stimulates me to feature better posts.

Lately I have been doing a lot of eye looks and I am sure you loved them. To take the makeup to next level, I am in constant search of models who I can feature on my blog (plus they get a free makeover.) In case anyone shows the remotest interest, please mail me your 'watermarked' pic on and if you live in a reachable location, I would love to hop in and do makeup, click photos and do a free makeup masterclass for you.

Another reminder is please do not write 'Anonymous posts'. Even if they are the nicest ones you could frame, I am not going to publish them although mentioning your name underneath could be a considered option. Please keep in mind before commenting.

Thanks and do keep encouraging me. Psst....breakdown of this look is coming soon....I did use my newly purchased BH Cosmetics palette for this. This palette was solely purchased for its wide choice of colors and amazing true color payoff...They didnt send me anything and neither did I ask them!

Hope you like that too!!

Till then,



  1. Looking forward to more posts Neeraj. Keep blogging. :)

  2. Hey Neeraj..this is quite a bright look and would be so perfect for the upcoming navratri!
    Thats very sweet of you to give a makeover...wish I could get one..I am in Pune but do come down to mumbai probably once or twice a month :)

  3. GGGGorgeous :) stunning it is :) :)

  4. loved the look :) i wish i could be the model there:P

  5. Thanks for the support!

    And I hope to see all of you one day....Please keep me motivated like this and I hope to deliver better.


  6. Woww u do amazign eye- makeup loved it.. thnx fr sharing such an intrsting posts.. kip it up...!!


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