Monday, September 5, 2011

The Touch

We have six sensory organs and one of them is "skin". Skin is gifted with sensations that brain understands beyond vision and hearing. Slightest touch is soothing and relaxing and emotionally recharging for our body.

"Touch" is a primitive sensation and has one of the utmost importance in our life. It creates a sensation of endearment, love, affection, sympathy, warmth and can calm down anxious mind. Our ability to touch and respond is associated with a plethora of emotions and makeup is one of them.

I call it the 'midas' touch', touch anything and it shines like gold. Your skin does shine like gold with a touch of love, care and makeup.

Today's article is about using your fingers to apply makeup and still get a flawless well blended look and about where you should and should not use fingers.

Before all this comes "hygiene" and it is the most important step to prevent contamination, cross contamination and decrease in the shelf life. Any handwash or no rinse gels are good enough to kill 99.9 percent of germs. Btw did you know the commonest germs seen on eyeshadows on cosmetic counters and where they come from??

. Staph. Aureus from nasal secretions and any form of pus in a localised wound. It is very resistant and can cause serious illness including blindness etc.

.Herpes virus coming from phlegm

. The worst is E.Coli which is an intestinal bacteria that contaminates the makeup products when people don't wash their hands after doing the duties and come to the cosmetic counters.

So "touch" should come with cleanliness and sanitation.


Well, everyone does not have long slender fingers. Some are stout, some are chubby and so many variations. To eliminate this factor the thumb rule is, "wherever your finger cannot reach,use a brush!!" So makeup brushes can come handy at such places.

Blending with fingers makes makeup look ultra flattering and natural. This is due to the warmth of our body and the friction fingers create on the facial skin that creates enough heat to blend silicones and emulsifiers into our skin. Also "touch" is another important factor that adds to the emotional quotient of the makeup service. So let's see which finger could do what: -

( You can use whatever fingers you like, but this is my idea of using hands for makeup)

1. Thumb - thumb is very good for blending on larger areas like cheeks and all. Ruby Kendall once said, " apply on flesh (apples) but blend on the bone (cheek bone)". Thumbs up if you can blend foundation for a seamless air brushed finish.

2. Index finger - one of the stiffest to put pressure index finger can also be used to apply foundation. Also you can use for applying concealers, cream blushes, highlighters, shimmer eyeshadows and all.

3. Middle finger - I like it as it has maximum length compared to all other fingers and is very good for blending in the corners whether it is sides of the nose or in the inner corners of the eyes.

4. Ring finger - weakest finger of the hand, this gives the slightest touch and feels amazing to do absolutely all sorts of blending. Right from under eye concealer to lipgloss it has the widest spectrum. Try applying shimmer based crean or powder eyeshadows and see how the fillers melt while allowing the shimmery eyeshadow to stay put and look vivid on the eyes. Finger application also sets the shimmer and glitter particles flat on the surface giving hgih impact. I apply MAC lustre eyeshadow finishes and brow bone highlighters with my ring finger.

5. Little finger (Pinky) - virtually no use except applying eye liners in the inner rims and acts as a pivot to apply lip liners thanks to the birth of Estee Lauder's Pinky-pivot signature method.

Overall our hands when used rightly and lightly can themselves be excellent brushes and give a human touch to our makeup. So when you want to buy a brush next time and if you are on a budget see whether you need one??


  1. Wow... I didnt know which finger to use in which area, now I will give it a try next time I put on makeup. Thanks for sharing :)ill give it a try next time I put on makeup. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. such a lovely post....
    i love to use my fingers to blend my foundation n set my makeup...fingers are best makeup applicators

  3. Thanks u liked it! I wanted to make ladies use a bit of their god's gift to do makeup too!! Thanks. Hope u liked the article


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