Friday, November 18, 2011

Myths: Busted and Solved

Working and consulting on makeup, I came across makeup ideologies that blew my mind. As an educator I like not only to share tips on makeup but also correct people if they are wrong.

Here are some of the silliest myths I have come across about makeup application and I would want to put light over the misconceptions.

Myth: Give me a light foundation as it makes me look fairer.

Buster: it may make you fair or ghostly or may make you look like some remote tribe in deeper regions where time has forgotten to move. Looking fair with foundation invites lots of makeup faux pas including the fact that you are highlighting your unevenness more by doing so. Also fairer foundations look like a mask and easily look cakey. In photographs they look ashy grey and you fit into the zombie character really well.

Solution : use a foundation matching your skin color to look healthy and glowing. Match your undertone or opt for a fail safe yellow undertone foundation that makes everyone look nice. Opt for glossier versions if you have dry skin for this flattering dewy finish. Btw for "fairness" and to tackle concerns like pigmentation and uneven skin tone, Clinique makes a foundation called Even Better Makeup SPF 15 which takes care of the concerns like uneven skin tone and discoloration when used on a long run.

Myth: Whichever mascara I apply clumps on my lashes.

Buster : I agree all mascaras don't have the same formulation and they do clump when applied but I must say that this is a human error.

Solution: if your mascara is clumping, its either old and drying or you are overloading your lashes with mascara. Discarding old mascaras is better as mascaras are harbingers of numerous viruses and bacteria that can cause minor eye infections to severe forms of eye diseases.

Myth: One must stretch their eye lids so that they eye liner glides better and gives a perfect line.

Buster: Stretching your eye lids or tugging at it can invite future lines, wrinkles and thinning of under eye skin. Our under eye skin is deficient in sweat and sebaceous glands that cause skin lubrication and have thinner pads of collagen and elastin with numerous capillaries. Eye area is thence sensitive and shows signs of wear and tear easily.

Solution: the dot-dash-dot technique of applying eyeliner is the best way to get a straight line without tugging and pulling.

Myth : If lots of black kohl is applied in the inner rims, eyes look bigger.

Buster : too much black kohl in the inner rims makes eyes look smaller and sometimes even tired with under eye circles accentuated. Bigger eye shapes can use this method to make their eyes smaller and elongated.

Solution : for small eyes especially apply black kohl on the lower lashline than the inner rims and then a beige or soft ivory white in the inner rims to create wide eyed look.

Myth : I need too much of blush so that I look bright and healthy. I have seen one woman doing this and she was a makeup artist and she was telling her friend to do so.

Buster : too much blush can make you look ridiculously stupid especially if its a very dark blush. Blush gone wrong could look like a bruise or an allergic rash.

Solution : apply blushes tastefully of course following the shape of your face. Avoid applying blush below an imaginary horizontal line drawn from the tip of the nose to the upper part of the ear lobes and from an imaginary vertical line drawn from the iris of the eye when looking straight ahead. This is the real topographical positioning of the blush and a perfect guide for amateur makeup users

Makeup is a constant learning process. Every new day that comes in the life of a makeup artist brings in a new trend, idea or inspiration and enables them to create masterpieces and inspire others. And that's why myths of makeup have to be busted as they get out of trend when time passes away and some ladies linger in that era.

Hope you like the article.

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  1. Been ages since I commented here! Makeup sure is a learning experience for me...lots of errors and still learning :D :D

  2. Hi Neeraj... such a useful article.
    Hey, I bought the Clinique 3 step and all about eyes under eye cream a week ago from Andheri store. You will not believe, my skin has become much more healthier (not absolutely clear) but all active acne have dried and very tiny scars are left behind. This was just in a week's time. I am sure they would also go if I continue to use it religiously. My husband came back last night after a 10 day tour and he immediately noticed the difference in my skin. Thanks a lot for recommending it to me. :-)

  3. Hi Rads its been a long time i have gone to ur blog too.........Life is just so busy and I dont have time for doing anything...How have you been?

  4. Hi Eesha...I am so happy that you started using the regimen. Did you buy the Antiblemish solutions coz that what would cure your pimples and give you a flawless skin..
    Do use the products and let me know!


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