Saturday, December 10, 2011


Cat eyes are one of the most flattering eye makeups you will see. Its a trend that would never go out of trend and different versions would always pop up from somewhere or other.

I like cat eyes or what I term as 'feliners' because they enhance the eye shape and give them a lift (of course without going under the surgeon's knife). This technique elongates the eye shape and looks ultra chic.
What you see below is a classic feliner but one can customize according to their eye shapes and the occasion they want to sport this make.

To do a cat like liner or get that 'pin up' girl eyes its important to keep rest of the makeup including eye makeup neutral and pair with a bright lipstick hue to create a lovely dimension. To keep the look demure, one can opt for sparkly glosses and for day wear just apply creamy matte lipstick.

This being a 'classic' winter eye, I have used shades of brown and taupe to enhance the eyeshape and then my favorite Clinique Brush on cream liner in True Black to draw those sexy flicks. Before drawing a perfect liner I used an eye pencil as a base especially staining lash line and then smudged it with Q tip or soft pencil brush before applying the liner. I staunchly believe in 'joining the dots' technique, follow 'where brow ends' method to get the perfect liner shape and use thinnest possible eye liner brush I can grab from the market (Here I used Ben Nye eye liner brush).

Without the mascara. (see how incomplete it looks)

With dollops of Clinique Lash Power Mascara for naturally lengthened lashes.

Trying to match the symmetry between the eye liner shapes.

Its a simple look that you can achieve with practice especially 15 days before the D-day. Keeping the edges soft gives it that 'doe-eyed' shape.

Hope you liked the look. Do share your feedbacks.

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  1. I love cat eyes, but somehow it's not something that works for me...either it's me having these huge saucer eyes or just plain lack of skill..or a combination of's nowhere near wearable whenever I try it :(( :((

    Love the blog header image :)

  2. Hi Rads.......Thanks a lot! Its easy to do a cat eye if u rest ur elbow on the table and do it! U must buy L'Oreal's super liner and ur life will be easier!

  3. Hmm..I don't really have a problem with holding my hand's just that I am not drawing the line properly..I think I should seriously sit and watch some videos on this. It's this block in my head..I feel I will look like a Kathakali dancer if I try a cat eye :| :|

  4. This looks so good! Will def. try it out! What shade of lipstick would go with this?

  5. For this look I would advice clinique's long last lipstick in G1 violet berry.

  6. NEERAJ !!!!! JUST WOW simply Wow .... :) :)

  7. and hey awesomeeeee header :) :)

  8. i love cat eyes and yur eyes are reminding me of Deepika padukone who is often seen in this type of winged eyeliner :P

  9. woohooo it looks beautiful Neeraj!!! i love the winged/cat eyed llok but somehow it always fails me... i guess maybe i do it all wrong.. i have chinki eyes na :( u think it would be possible for you to do a pictorial tutorial for it?

  10. I have never seen a more perfect winged eye. SO beautiful. Your hands are MAGICAL! I hope I achieve this look with my liner too.. Im using GG liquid liner from Oriflame and its gotta be one of the best that I have used.


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