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KKCenterHK Lash Tutorial - At the Fire-place

The lady at KKCenterHK was kind enough to send me these false lashes to experiment and do looks for the blog and I was so overwhelmed when I received my parcel. Unfortunately I could not do a review as I had kept these faux lashes in my second home. At last I found then and with festive season at its peak I managed to conjure a look.

I call this look 'At the Fire place' as a cozy celebration of festive season while sipping Merlot and merry making at the hearth during cold winter. The snow outside and the warmth inside just makes mood to do a smoldering makeup and create an aura of romance and love.

Lets get going,

Some lashes are missing from this palette since I used a couple of them before I could be 100% sure of what I am picturing.

I was sent ES A 14 handmade short to long lashes on request as I wanted eye lashes that look ultra natural and stunning and give a weightless feel.


These are 10 pairs of lovely light weight fluttery lashes that add enough body to my naturally thin yet long lashes and look ultra natural. What I liked more was how thin and delicate these faux lashes feel yet how strong they are and certainly re-usable at least 3-4 times. The band or spine is very thin and delicate and can be worn without any liner underneath as it looks quite untraceable.
Verdict: - Fine quality lashes for amateur and professional alike with incredible holding power and soft natural effect.

Now getting towards makeup look 'At the Fire Place'

To create this beautiful holiday look I used,


  • Clinique Superbalanced makeup
  • Clinique All About Eyes concealer
  • Shiseido Luminizing Powder Trio
  • MAC Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul and Nuance
  • MAC Lipglass in Full on Lust! 

  • Nars Pro-prime Smudgeproof eyeshadow base over the entire lid upto brow bone.
  • Chambor Dazzle liner in Black traced on upper lash line and lower inner rims to create pitch dark contrast to coming forth Gold eyeshadow.
  • Bourjois Intense Eyeshadow in Extrait 10 (Mineral black) applied on outer corners and blending into area above natural crease to add depth. Also smoked on lower lid.
  • MAC eyeshadow in Buckwheat blended over midnight black to create the color of wooden logs in the fire place. Blended on inner part of the crease.
  • Girlactik Cosmetics eyeshadow in Satin applied as highlight on brow bone and inner corner of eyes merging it into black. 
  • Urban Decay eyeshadow in Half Baked on entire eye lid blending it sidewards and upwards into crease. I used Stamp and Spread technique for this effect.
  • Trace already lined lash line with L'Oreal Superliner in Carbon Black and draw a wing.
  • Curl eyelashes with Shiseido Eyelash curler and apply 2 coats of Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara.
  • Trim and cut KKCenterHK ES A14 lashes according to eye size and apply thin layer of Kryolan Lash glue at spine of each lash. Let the glue get tacky and then place the faux lash at the lash line and stick the edges. For uber natural effect, curl and marry those faux lashes with your natural real lashes.
  • Fill or paint brows with MAC Omege + Brown down eyeshadows.
Some more pics.

You can barely see lash spine as it merges into my real lash line. I must admit that this lashes have been re-used for third time till now and they are as new as they were when opened first.

These lashes are really amazing and look very natural even when pictured in strong harsh daylight with +11/2 exposure of my Canon Ixus 220HS Camera.

And you are ready to sport this smoldering evening look. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

Do visit KKcenterHK and see their facebook fan page.

Till then,


False lashes Courtesy KKCenterHK, Hongkong. Visit them at

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  1. Pretty pretty pretty and dead gorgeous Neeraj.

  2. NEERAJ !!!! so beautifully done , I must say you are always so flawless , I wish to be half as good as you are :D if that makes any sense ??

    I lovedddd the lashes and am gonna buy them for sure
    keep them coming

  3. oh my God! they look so flattering and oh so natural! trust you to come up with the best stuff, Neeraj. Kudos! really liked this post!

  4. I love your looks Neeraj! and I am soo ordering lashes from KK Centric... like RIGHT NOW! :D thankoo so much for the post! :) *hugs*


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