Saturday, December 10, 2011

Making Up in the Cold!

Winter have started and I can feel the chill even in suburb of Mumbai. The breeze is pristine and the air is dry and Father December is on his way to soothe the heat within our bodies and hearts (LOL). Anyways its getting really dry and the moisture is not in the air any more.

Our skin barriers are at stake as the environment sucks out all moisture but emollient based oily products give acne even in winters, what to do? Some alterations in skin care regimen and makeup routine can do wonders and get you ready for the chill. 


Boost your skin's moisture by hydrating and not slathering goopy creams on the face all the time. If you have a dry skin,then winter is a blessing as you can use the most luxurious products you can afford but if you have an oily skin this could be a bane.

My skin is combination to oily but gets dehydrated very fast especially in dry climates and winters make it flaky and rough. If I use too much water whether hot or cold, it makes my skin even drier due to the alkalinity and oil free creams don't work wonders while oily creams give me acne. Isn't this situation dicey but not unheard of?

In such cases like mine, I follow some really amazing methods to keep my skin feel supple and radiant. Since I mostly use Clinique with a here and there from Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden and Lancome and other brands, I will be talking things that I do in my skin care routine especially for winters.

These are some tips that I would love to share,

  •  Wash your face with a gentle cleanser that has mild surfactants enough to wash away oil and dirt but not leaving the skin dehydrated and dry. You can use micellar waters to cleanse if you want to avoid water. 
  • Exfoliate, yeah you are reading it right, 'Exfoliate'. when you have a dry skin and lot of dehydration, then its wise to exfoliate first. This takes care of the surface dulling flakes that do not allow anything to enter into the skin. Opt for exfoliants that are very gentle and not too abrasive. This means sticking to AHAs or BHAs or fruit peels, jojoba microbeads and aluminium oxide crystals.Stay away from stronger AHAs (opt for milder Lactic Acid), apricot scrubs, almond scrubs etc that can be too abrasive and breakdown skin's natural barrier.
  • Toning may not be necessary as toners can make skin feel really dry. Toners are supposed to make skin tight that means moisturizers and hydrators would not penetrate into deeper layers. Toning lotions are good options as they are hyaluronic acid infused and really nourish the skin to make it spongy and comfortable.
  • Search for key words like 'hydrating' or 'nourishing' and also words like 'oil free', 'water based' etc to search for the best moisturizers suitable for winters that hydrate enough.
  • Use liberal amounts of sunscreen as it helps skin not get dry and dehydrated and protects from harsh and harmful effects of sun damage. Even if it is SPF 15 it should be slathered to get the maximal effect out of it.
  • Use serums in abundance especially anti ageing serums as they have all the right contents your skin would need to keep itself in a better shape. Oligopeptides, hyaluronic acid, anti oxidants, humectants and enzymes help boost collagen production and also help your skin maintain optimum hydration levels making it feel supple and soft while retaining the resiliency and glow.
  • Dont forget 'night creams' as they have vital nutrients helping your skin to grow and repair any losses. I have seen people applying day creams at night which is the silliest thing to do as the product is useless at night.
Its important to follow rigorous skin care regimen so that you stay in best shape in winters.


In India very few people do makeup on everyday basis. Out of those few, fewer follow trends and seasons and out of them there are the ones who use the same foundation all year around. So these tips are optional but I guess worth it to get yourself looking better.

  • Opt for oil free cream based foundations. Confusing isn't it to find one but these do exist in the market in brands like The Body Shop and Bourjois. They help glide the product smoothly on skin and do not feel heavy. Clinique's Superbalanced Makeup is the most ideal foundation year around as it balances the oiliness and dryness and happens to be my favorite foundation along with their Even Better Makeup.
  • Minimize the usage of powders as they dry out the skin even more and absorb the oils that make your skin look lush and supple. Stick to mineral based powder which do not have fillers as they glide better, have skin care benefits and do not look made up.
  • If you are blessed with a flawless skin then cream blush is the next best thing you must opt for. Cream blushes impart that amazing dewy finish and mimic a healthy glow. Gel and liquid blushes are good options for oilier skins while its best to opt for soft matte blushes for blemished skin. Opt for colors like apricot and corals, plums and mauves and pair them with a matte bronzer to help you retain yourself from the winter paleness. Concentrating the blush on apples of cheeks, a soft contour adds subtle warmth and amazing glow.
  • If you have acne marks and blemishes then avoid cream based products but dont forget to hydrate your skin before applying makeup. Opt for blushes in deeper tones of cinnamon and peaches to divert attention from the acne marks (hopefully covered with a good coverage concealer). 
  • Darkers colors are used on eyes, lips and cheeks to prevent the skin from getting pale during winters. Creamier formulations are opted over powder ones. Lipsticks are more emollient than drying. If you love to follow the trend colors like berry, wine, cinnamon, honey, taupe, purple and all the mish mash of such shades should be your colors for winter.
  • Pickup palettes specific for holidays as this is the season to splurge and get amazing deals in makeup. Although products are themed in such a way that they could be opted for winter or holidays but certain colors like gold, bronze, smokey colors are all season colors and donot lay back in color trend.
  • 'Gold' is the most amazing color this season and almost fail safe to create bedazzling effects. Opt for brighter gold packed with micro glitters to oomph up makeup or vintage/green based golds to add a sophisticated touch to your evenings. All brands have some amazing gold eyeshadows in display so feel free to splurge. Gold on cheeks should be subtle translucent and not OTT to add enough warmth. I love gold shimmered glosses that add sparkles to any lipstick.
  • Also a trend for Fall/Winter is dramatic liners and you can opt them in glitters especially forest green infused with gold and teal.Black liner is classy but to add an edge opt for glossy black liquid liners for lacquered eyes.
  • Red lipstick is a must for holidays and red right from a lip balm to a full on red lippy is allowed with or sans a lip liner. I would advice a lip brush though for better and even application. A sparkly lipgloss is an amazing adornment over a matte lipstick.

There are so many trends and so many new beauty discoveries you can do with yourself.

What is your winter skin care regimen?

What make do you want to wear this season?

Please lemme know.
Till then,



  1. I have the same skin type as yours! Please suggest me something to get rid of the acne marks. I dont get the acnes anymore but the marks dont wanna leave me!

    Thanks so much for the detailed post, bookmarking it. :)

  2. i will do a post for u Shivangi!
    Acne mark are difficult things to get rid of! Shall keep u posted!


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