Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 and year that was!!

I have to confess that I'm a makeup junkie no more, since 2011. I have bought makeup products that I would use for professional purposes and have spent my hard-earned money wisely last year. With millions of temptations around its not easy to explain how difficult it is to resist and I have done this year and succeeded (a little bit I must say).

These are some of the many products I still ended up buying last year and absolutely adore them without feeling guilty of owning them. Since I am going to talk about my top 10 purchases last year I must also say that all of them are not necessarily new launches and its just that I hearted them.

  1. MAC Surf USA eyeshadow
  2. Clinique True Bronzer in Sunswept
  3. Too Faced Cosmetics Sweet Dreams palette
  4. Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette
  5. theBalm Cosmetics Shady Lady vol.2 palette
  6. Clarins Instant Definition Mascara
  7. Girlactik Cosmetics in Satin
  8. Clinique Long last lipstick in #45 Chocolate Raspberry
  9. Bourjois Effet Smoky Pencil in Ultra-black
  10. MAC 234 eyeshadow brush
I have many many more but these ones are the top 10 killers. I know I haven't included Urban Decay Naked Palette but I don't know the reason why? (Pyscho me?)

Would love to know what were your top 10 picks for 2001?

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