Thursday, January 5, 2012

Am I Too Faced ?

With millions of thanks to Kamya Sangodkar of The Beauty Bar and of course our own favorite I could buy some amazing Too Faced Cosmetics products. These include eyeshadows for now and soon the collection is expanding. I got Sweet dreams palette, my favorite Too Faced Shadow Insurance and another Pixie (something) palette and couldn't resist doing some amazing looks.

What blew me off, was the 6 eyeshadow palette probably permanent line collection called Insurance Policy. This palette holds some of the most buttery and incredibly flattering eyeshadows I have ever seen. These are bright colors but spell G.L.A.M.O.U.R just on opening the case. I not only fell in love with the palette but also applauded for the fact that you get a TFSI free with it. Its aptly named as Insurance Policy as eyeshadows glide on so well and look dramatic in the first go.

The colors are: -

You can see the textures in my palette.
  • Full frontal - A perfect warm medium shimmery brown.
  • Glamazon - Champagne beige with loose silver sparkle. The color leans towards taupe.
  • Socialite - Cool copper toned hue
  • Boy toy - Soft girly pink
  • Skinny Deep - Electric blue purple
  • Lucky Charms - Light green shimmer jewel toned
The payoff of these eyeshadows is wonderful. The texture is soft (a bit mucky as brushes seem to make a long lasting impression on them), glides smoothly, spreads evenly and there was a very little fall out. I remember the slurry technology involved in making of Christian Dior eyeshadows and these are similar in texture. The bright blue and bright green have a fairy tale to tell and other colors are in the bandwagon. It sells for $38 on and 1800 INR on

I would recommend it to anyone who would love to experiment with color once a while or for one who wants to look amazing and cherish those moments. Hats off to Too Faced!!!

This is an arabic bride look that I did with colors from this palette (with its breakdown coming soon!)

Hope you like this fast review because there is an 'announcement' coming soon.

Till then,


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  1. omg! its beautiful :) i loved the way you applied winged eyeliner..i am going to try it out :)

  2. its really nice and vibrant!


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