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Antiqued and Glittered -- Breakdown...

Thanks to my reader's requests and my love for this particular look, I decided to do an easy tutorial on the Antiqued and Glittered look I did a couple of days back. I haven't used all the colors I described in that post to keep it simple and easy to copy. This is the first time I am doing a detailed version of the looks I generally post as it is very time consuming and shooting this look took me 2 hrs when I normally would end up doing the entire eye makeup within 20 mins. But this was worth and effort and I would do more looks like this if requested.

Plus I am posting this look a bit hastily as I finish up the entire backlog of bridal looks that I did. I also plan to do another 'Bridal' week post in the beginning of February or if anyone requests then you'd see some random posts too. Apologies as this a 'HUGE' post.

Lets get to the look.

Start with prepping and priming. I have used Estee Lauder's Advanced night repair eye cream after moisturizing my skin with Clinique Skin Supplies for Men M-Gel lotion

Apply Shiseido Natural Finish Concealer under eyes and prep the eyelids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance in patting motions.

To draw a 'stencil' apply Bourjois Effet Smoky Ultra-black pencil to trace lash line and then blend it with Sigma Pencil brush. I have purposely not lined the inner rims since I would do it later with a smudge proof pencil.

Also while blending the pencil draw a small 'V' at the outer corners for creating depth for the eyeshadow that would be placed on it. That why its called 'Stencil'

Blend any harsh lines to create a seamless base. I used the Lancome Quad in Sortilege D'amour. Apply the soft lavender on the brow bone as highlight with a fluffy Dior Large eyeshadow brush.

In the inner corners apply powder blue as highlight to open up the eyes. With a flat brush, load the plummy purple eyeshadow from the quad onto the previously drawn 'V' and start blending.

Blend plummy purple in the crease to enhance the shape of the eyes. I used Sigma dome shaped crease brush to blend the color.

Apply olive gold (ochre yellow shimmer) from the quad on the entire lid and blend sidewards. It may not be a dramatic contrast to the purple but it sure is somewhat contrasting. See that you dont blend in the plummy purple too much or else you may end up getting a neutral brown shade.

Trace the inner rims with Chambor Dazzle liner in Black Dazzle. Groom the brows by taming them and filling in wherever needed. Apply 2-3 coats of MAC Opulash mascara.

Dab on some TFSI on the olive gold eyeshadow and then press on some MAC Reflets Antique Gold for a bedazzled shimmery effect.

You can also use a wet brush to pack on the shimmer but I prefer keeping it loose and sparkly. Btw MAC does not suggest using these glitter on or around eyes so please take it as a word of caution and apply at your own risk.

Apply false lashes. I chose MAC for Heatherettes ones as I like the gleam they have. Those are plastic lashes if I am not mistaken and are on the verge of getting trashed since they have lost the malleability. I stuck them on using Kryolan eye lash glue and after they dried I curled my lashes to marry with the false lashes using Shiseido eyelash curler.

And thats the final look. The glitter is gorgeous and very rare find. I am glad I bought it. This is an easy DIY makeup. Btw for glitter fall outs I used a cleansing wipe to remove as much as I could and then proceeded with the foundation.

Please do enter my giveaway. Hope you liked this look.

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  1. thanks for this very inspiring article.keep it up.regards.

    1. Thanks a lot. I am happy u liked it ...


  2. I so love your looks Neeraj. Wish I also could do the same way. :D

    1. Oh u will be able to...btw since I'm freelancing now and have some free time, I would be doing more tuts like this.



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