Sunday, January 29, 2012

An artistic inspiration!!

Makeup is a vast field. It has so many branches and tributaries. If you are on camera, you need makeup but in our daily lives we need it too. Then there is fashion, editorials, advertisements, theatre, films, television, HD and also there are cosmetologists and cosmetic chemists and so on....the list is endless.

Most makeup artists are our true inspirations and each have their unique taste and creative contributions to this vast field. One of them is artist to the celebrities and an eminent makeup teacher who has also written wonderful books on makeup and has touched millions of lives through them, Mr.Robert Jones. I wish to pay him an ode in this post.

His book, Makeup Makeovers was one of the first books I purchased from and still use it for references while passing on makeup skills or improvising over my existing ones. His book makes application and understanding of makeup so easy. Its like a primer for English language, tip of that huge iceberg and a magic in itself.

With some amazing best sellers in his tow, he's a magician who leaves everyone spellbound. A person who truly believes in the art of makeup to enhance someone rather than changing someone. To hide what needs to be hidden and to reveal radiance through it.

He has penned down masterpieces like,

  1. Makeup Makeovers
  2. Makeup Makeovers Beauty Bible
  3. Makeup Makeovers in 5,10,15 and 20 mins
  4. Looking Younger
  5. Makeup Makeovers Weddings
  6. Ultimate makeovers
He also owns his own line of brushes and makeup accessories which are must haves of the beauty world.
These books are megadoses of inspiration and confidence to a normal woman who is new to makeup and cannot afford her personal makeup artist. Do read his biography here. His interview is very inspiring too.

Hope you enjoy this makeup artiste extraordinaire and get inspired.

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  1. I have never heard of him but thats coz I recently have ventured into makeup world..which book would you suggest for a beginner?

    1. His makeup makeovers book is wonderful...u can get it in i guess though I bought mine years ago from amazon.
      Got the link,

    2. Thank you for the link..will def check out

  2. Nice. I came to know of one famous makeup artist through you ..Pat Mcgrath

    1. PAt McGrath is the most inspiring makeup artist on this planet and truly an amazing woman.

  3. Replies
    1. suggest me if u want to know about something.Thanks


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