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Basic Essentials

This was a post I had planned a long back but due to some untoward circumstances I could not post it. These are some of the essential eye brushes that I use to do my EOTDs and these are the wands that make me conjure spellbinding looks everytime. LOL

I am sure there's a post of this somewhere without any description though. Btw you may not need all these brushes (until you really want to collect them like I do) but there's nothing wrong to own some. Some of these brushes are from drugstore brands and perform exactly the same as their counterparts from higher brands and thats why I include them in my kit.

Lets see, (I may not know their real description at times so pardon me), starting from left to right,

  1. Coastal scents Chisel fluff/pointed crease duet brush, I got this brush from their sale once at a dirt cheap price. I love it because the pointed allows me to blend pencils and define crease while the fluffy side is good to stipple on some pigment or highlight the inner corners.
  2. MAC 217, Do I need to say anything about this brush? Its a makeup artist's must have brush from concealer application, for a subtle wash of color, highlighting key points on the face, stippling concealer over acne or rougher facial surfaces and what not. I could end up writing an essay on this brush.
  3. Sigma Tapered Blending Brush, is my favorite to create a color degrade especially while creating a horizontal smokey eye. This fluffy brush made with natural goat hair is cut to precision and does a wonderful job. I also use to apply highlighter sometimes.
  4. Estee Lauder Blending Shadow Brush, this impulsive purchase made justice. Created by makeup artiste extraordinaire, Tom Pecheux, this brush can be the only brush you may need. It helps highlight, define and blend crease and also pack on color on the lids. Most versatile brush I ever owned after MAC 234 which is somewhat not included in this picture due to some unknown reasons.
  5. NYX Smokie eyeshadow brush, is a revolution by itself. It creates perfect smokey eyes in a jiffy. This is one of the first brushes I bought and used at the Max Factor Fashion week.
  6. NYX eyeshadow brush, is good to pack on color and blend pigments. I use this stamp and spread technique of eyeshadow application with this brush.
  7. Jane Iredale Crease brush, very good for defining and blending crease.
  8. Sigma Pencil SS219 aka E30 brush is answer for MAC's pencil brush. Though I haven't bought the latter yet I love this brush for quick blending and stronger definition. I use this brush extensively in my looks.
  9. Scott Barnes Crease brush, is the softest crease brush I own and does its work flawlessly. Got it from but unfortunately is no more available.
  10. Essence of Beauty Smudge Brush, is the brush I got from dear friend and fellow blogger Rashmi and is a gem of a brush. I use it sparingly though but use its counterpart extensively and I somehow forgot to photograph that brush.
  11. Bare Minerals Large crease brush, is my favorite highlighting brush or very good for a quick swipe of eyeshadow.
  12. Sigma E25 or SS217 brush, is an answer to MAC 217 and does the same job and I love both of them. This one generally comes free with a bigger order so dont skip it next time when you buy Sigma brushes.
  13. Oriflame Highlighter brush, is very good for applying eye primer, MAC paint pots and anything and everything that is creamy. Never used it for highlighting though thats the purpose of this brush.
  14. Lancome Precision Eye brush, is extensively used by Michelle and Promise Phan in their videos and thats why I got it. Trust me, this is another brush that can do eveything in eye makeup for you.
  15. Shiseido Small Eyeshadow brush, is good for those hard to reach or hard to blend areas.
  16. Sigma SS275 or E70 shading angled brush is very good for creating precise eye shapes. Very good for monolids as it creates a precise definition and enhances eye shape.
  17. Smashbox Angled Brush, is very good for applying powder in brows and drawing an arch. Never used it as a liner though.
  18. Ben Nye eye liner brush, is very apt for drawing thin lines.
Thats a lot of brushes and many more not included in this pic. Though I say again that one does not need so many brushes as there are some that do an excellent job on their own.
If you want to invest, buy the Sigma brushes as they perform really well and do an excellent job. Btw I found the article on Essential Brushes in my previous post with no descriptions. Shall do the second part soon.

Hope you find my article on brush cleansing useful too.

Till then,


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  1. oh brush happy! Would you believe i don't have any of these? I do want to get some new sigma ones. Great post!

    1. U must get the Sigma ones...They are an answer to all the high end brands that you desire for at less than half the cost...but the sets though...

  2. you have great brushes...
    wao post :)

    1. Thanks Sahar...been buying brushes forever.

  3. wow Neeraj, that's an awesome collection, one brush set I cannot do widout are from ecotools, they are my all time fav :) esp the powder brush n one for contouring

    1. Thanks. I dont know where to buy Ecotools from? Are they available in India?

    2. Na my cousin had got 'em for me, not available here

  4. i was waiting for this post...ty dr neeraj

  5. thats quite a nice compilation Dr neeraj..thank you! which brush cleansing liquid would you suggest which is easily available apart from baby shampoos? I only know of Mac but its kinda expensive :(

    1. I suggest a plain simple Dabur herbal shampoo to clean and condition brushes. The soap also removes bacteria and makeup residues. Sometimes I use Pantene conditioner.
      Other favorite brush cleanser is Richfeel Scalp Cleansing shampoo which I originally got for hair but ended up using on brush hair. MAC is good for spot cleansing and one of my favorites. I use Baby Wipes to spot clean and spot hygiene as they are anti bacterial but without drying alcohol...

    2. wow thank you for your detailed reply..i read somewhere we can use a mild cleanser also like Himalaya one? would it affect the brushes?

    3. u can try Himalaya also..........I prefer shampoos because they are made for hair and are apt for brush hair too as they wash out everything...I used to love Johnson's baby shampoo but it never cleansed my brushes thoroughly..

    4. yup I too am facing the same problem..currently using johnson's baby shampoo and always feel that brushes are not getting cleansed properly..will try your shampoo method too..thanks for sharing..have a nice evening :)

  6. So manyyyyyyy Neeraj :D and i must say they all look so good and well in shape :D thank you for the mention :D
    you have an awesome collection and totally agree with you on importance of good eye brushes :D

    1. U know how we ask each other's opinions a million times before buying anything like this...Thank u for being such an inspiration and do collect a lot of material like this .........


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