Monday, January 23, 2012

The Flashback!

Losing your parent is like losing a limb. The pain is beyond explanation and the person is no more seen in the house. Such difficult are the times and mourning is sad. Here are some memories of my dearest father that I want to share.

Mr.Shrikant Y Navare aka Shri was a baby born with a blessing. Since my grandpa never knew any art, my granny prayed for a boy who could do everything and was born my father. He was born as an avid artist and painter and at the age of three could draw a big picture of Hanumanji and Goddess Laxmi riding an elephant in a RANGOLI. This is how the journey started. He would draw life size potraits of me, my grandpa, granny, mummy knitting sweater, my brother watching TV and all within minutes,

He loved animals. In our bungalow once upon a time, anyone who remembers could find lots of dogs (All German Shepherds as he loved that breed and we still have sweet little boy COOKIE today too), cats, gerbils upto a monkey, peacock and deer wandering in the house. As a boy he was known to catch sparrows and paint them like 'Love Birds' in vivid oil paints that he used for his paintings.

He was a thirsty traveller and have travelled all over India mostly driving himself. He was renowned for being the best car driver in Ambernath and ironically he had learnt driving on a truck. He has been millions of times on coastal Maharashtra, Pune, Kolhapur but also has taken us to see the vivid valleys of Kashmir to the rumbling seas of Kanyakumari and far beyond.

By education he was a COMMERCIAL ARTIST with a diploma in COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY and MAKEUP ARTIST. He has worked with Beautiful Magazine where he was friends and have photographed the famed Sharon Prabhakar and the likes. He had set up a photography studio in Ambernath where I stay and had that infamous dark room for developing photos in our huge bungalow then.

Since 1995 when he was diagnosed for a Pneumonic patch while been given all possible trial and error treatments and being seriously ill, he became a victim of a silent killer 'Diabetes'. Diabetes is supposed to be taken care like a precious diamond ornament and he didn't. Eventually as days passed with his uncontrolled sugar levels and some hereditary reasons he lost his left eye, all the strength from his limbs and slowly his kidneys. He was admitted a number of times in the hospital and had undergone millions of treatments both life saving and maintenance but his strong determination and will power on not to give up made him survive through it. Couple of years back on the same day of 21st Jan when he slept in a deep slumber he was very seriously ill with all pipes and needles on all limbs and he getting artificial ventilation and fighting in between life and death. We had the worst times of our lives then but we were prepared.

All his life my daddy lived king size. Went everywhere he desired, bought all the things he liked and did what was best for me and all people around him. I remember how he had run to arrange money for my medical college fees as we had to pay it within 2 days and he couldnt collect funds faster. He has always been a very big support and a true father. His permission and support made me drift from medical doctor to a professional makeup artist as he knew what it was when you were driven with passion. Since he entered my grandfather's transport business he had to give up every passion he had and didnt want that to happen to me.

He will be missed as he was GEM of a person, he had no vices or addictions like smoking and alcoholism and was a man who was truthful, broadminded and kindhearted. It not only a tragic loss to us but also to all his near and dear ones, his friends and all.

May his soul rest in peace and may God give us strength and courage to face this irreparable loss.


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