Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Haute Couture Bride!!

Bridal season starts and brides-to-be are busy getting themselves sorted for the D-day. Its not an easy job to fix hair and makeup and the experienced would know what I am talking about.

I would be doing a series of posts that would have makeup ideas one could get inspired from for their wedding. These are easy makeups that have high impact and look graceful diverting from the classic bridal colors, while covering a vast range of cultures.

Lets begin,


  • MAC Prolong wear foundation
  • Kryolan Loose Powder
  • MAC Select cover-up concealer
  • Clinique Long last lipstick in Pink Spice 
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer
  • I used Chanel Quad in Sparkling Satins as they have the most muted haute-couture colors for lovely soft smoky eyes. There's a feeling of richness when you use such colors.
  • MUFE Eyeshadow no.92 which is a magnificent purple really apt for haute-couture bride.

  • Trace the lash line with Chambor Dazzle Liner in Black and blend to soften edges.
  • Start applying 'Purple' from the outer corners into the crease and extend outside to make the eye look longer. Use 'shimmering charcoal' from the Chanel quad on the outer corners to add depth to the purple in a subtle way. Smoke it out on the lower outer half of the lid.
  • Highlight with 'shimmering beige'.
  • On the lid, diffuse 'soft shell pink' into purple to add sparkly embellishment.
  • Highlight inner corners and inner half of the lower lid with 'sparkling silver'
  • Apply lashings of MAC Opulash Mascara and I curled my lashes and stuck Kryolan faux eyelashes.
  • Tame the brows with MAC brow gel.

This is haute-couture bride look suiting for receptions. Let me know if that inspired you.

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Till then,


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  1. love it are the master in blending

  2. I love the color, i will try this on myself.


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