Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Illamasqua Sophie-I technique Smokey eyes....

Illamasqua present Sophie-I technique, a beautiful way to create amazing and easy smokey eyes, a technique inspired by Sophie Lancaster foundation that Illamasqua supports and donates 3 GBP as charity for each Sophie eye pencil sold.

Illamasqua says;

'The Sophie-I smoky eye technique allows you to not only express your individuality, but discover new depth
and definition in your eyes.'

Created using the black Sophie Medium Pencil, the technique is inspired by The Sophie Lancaster Foundation,
the charity Illamasqua supports, and £3 from every Sophie Pencil purchased is donated to the foundation.

They used these gorgeous products to create the look......

How to create this sophisticated Sophie-I smokey eye, watch here,


Sketch along the upper socket line with the creamy black Medium Pencil
in Sophie. Then buff with an Illamasqua Eye Shadow Brush to create a
soft, diffused line.
You can even wear this step on its own, to create a striking look in a hurry
with just one product.


Take a pale neutral Powder Eye Shadow (we recommend Stealth) and
gently press it to the centre of the eye lid, and underneath the brow bone
for subtle highlight.


With a charcoal black Powder Eye Shadow (try Machine) build over the
previous black pencil line, working outwards and upwards.
Then take an Illamasqua Blending Brush and blend the two Powder Eye
Shadows together, ensuring there are no sharp lines.


Mix Sealing Gel with your black Powder Eye Shadow to create a colourintense,
water-resistant paste. Taking a sharp Angled Eye Liner Brush
apply the paste in a fine line along the upper lash line as a liquid eye liner.
Artists’ Tip: You can also use this to redefine the original Sophie Pencil
line along the socket for some serious drama.


Finish the look with a line of Sophie Medium Pencil
along the lower lash
line, a coating of midnight black Masquara in Raven
and your favourite
Illamasqua False Eye Lashes.

My interpretation,

Hope you enjoy the look. Do let me know if you want the breakdown.

Till then,


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