Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Smokey Eye

Inspired by Illamasqua's take on smokey eye and the Sophie-I technique, I decided to implement it and prod into my altered ego to create the look.

I wouldn't be mentioning any products as I did not have anything that was used in that tutorial and I concocted everything with what products were available. I will be mentioning the color descriptions though and I am sure my regular dedicated friends may guess what I have used.

  • Start with an eye primer to secure the colors and keep them stay put.
  • With a intense black pencil, trace the rims and lash lines. Then on the outer corner of upper lid start defining the crease and fill it up till the outer one third. Smoke out the lower lids half way.
  • With a blender brush blend the edges and harsh lines and then use matte black eyeshadow to soften.
  • With a buttermilk shimmery beige color highlight the brow bone and the inner corners and also the inner one third of lower lids to open up the eyes.

  • On the lids apply soft shimmery white and blend it into the black to get a bit of grey degrade.
  • Define the crease as desired. I used a bit of charcoal black to do that so that it defines and yet reflects a bit of light due to its sparkly nature.
  • Trace the lash line with carbon black glossy eye liner and may be also draw a swallow tail in the outer corners.
  • To create bigger looking lids (more for evening wear) I also traces a line following my inner rims in a gap of a millimeter.
  • Curled lashes, applied 2 coats of intense dark mascara and followed with a pair of falsies.
Its easy and inspiring and perfect for making a dramatic statement. Bold and Beautiful.

More pics,

I hope you liked this small tutorial. Its an ode to Sophie Lancaster and I was taken aback by the tragedy that she went through. Thanks to Illamasqua for sharing the inspiration and of course million thanks to Alex Box, makeup artist extraordinaire.

Till then,


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  1. It looks just perfect, u're a true artist Neeraj, thank you for sharing da magic :)

    1. Thanks a lot. It keeps me motivated even during trying times like now.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. wow! your looks just keep getting excellent......i think this is one of the best eye looks i have seen on anyone!

  3. Thanks a lot...I always put in lot of time and effort to actually create every look and it was fun making this one since it was so unique and different.

    1. and your efforts have truly paid off. it's turned out just splendid.

  4. i've got only one word for it "wooooooooooooooooooow"

  5. This is just WOW Neeraj ... when I think I have seen your best look you again come up with amazing look ....
    a true makeup artist you are :d

    i guess you have used Bourjois Kohl , Bourjois Black and Girlactic Eyeshadow ??
    pls share the details here ... i would love to know the masterpieces :D

    1. u guessed it all basically.....its just that I used the white and soft peach from theBalm cosmetics Shady lady palette...
      The lashes are from Uroparis....


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