Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saving and Sewing the pocket hole!!

Have you been new to makeup and don't know what to do next?
Have you read every beauty blog on this planet and tried to learn a lot within less span of time?
Have you watched Youtube videos of some of the famous names in beauty and drooled over the products they have?
Have you haphazardly bought products just to build up your vanity?

Well if even one of your answers is YES, then you are with me on what I was 4 yrs back. After graduating in Medicine and deciding to be a makeup artist one day was not just a decision of the moment. I had plans (which are gradually unfolding) of having a wonderful makeup wardrobe but never knew what was good and what wasn't. I ended up spending lakhs of Rupees on stuff I would rarely use and secretly have thrown away so many things after they exceeded their expiry dates and cried secretly with head in the pillow.....LOL.
I was one of those people who did not dare go near brands like MAC, Christian Dior or Chanel looking at the costs and then just going out of budget and satisfying myself by buying lipsticks from Maybelline which eventually exceeded my budget always plus I wasn't satisfied and happy.

So the next step was to make swatches, irritate the BAs on counters, get samples of whatever they could provide and buy lots of branded stuff blowing all the money I got from my salaried job + Taking it from daddy + Mummy + anyone who wanted to gift me with something. And then my bags started overflowing, I spring cleaned them even in winters, chucked my favorite MAC eyeshadows as they got old and did menacing things and disturbed my mind.

The purpose of writing this article was to tell you how things went and what I have learnt from my mistakes. I learnt some very important things in makeup while going on a makeup job or while collecting stuff for the stash,

  1. Pack on light and with only essential stuff so that you dont get confused and panicked.
  2. Use smaller bags to stay away from tempting yourself to pack big...LOL....its silly but its true.
  3. Invest in smaller size items if available of the colors you like but you know you'll never use it twice. This saves the guilt. 
  4. Travel size stuff is always handy and palette like that are divine interventions.
  5. Don't follow all the trends in Glossy magazines, because even artists like Pat McGrath and Tom Pecheux who set them never say that you have to buy everything they say.
  6. Buy colors that suit you and not because it suited your friend.
  7. While making bridal trousseau invest in basic makeup products that make you presentable and not funny.

Here are some hit list products that one should go for if you are totally new to makeup and planning to splurge,
  • Urban Decay Naked or/and Naked 2 palette, that has every color you need to look gorgeous anytime of the day or night and yet not very heavy on the pocket if bought from Sephora
  • BH Cosmetics 26 Shadow blush combo palette or/and Tropical Shimmer palette, they have many palettes but these basic ones have colors flattering our Indian complexions.
  • Kryolan Supra color foundation palette of 6 colors or individual pans, are fantastic for starters as makeup artists or for personal use as they can help you learn the art of makeup better. Since their ingredients have improvised a lot over these years I can recommend these palettes blindly to anyone.
  • Search for lip palettes or create ones from brands like NYX, Inglot, Bobbi Brown etc.
  • For blushes I love to custom make mine from MAC or Inglot and stick them in a palette. Do not de-pot as that can be a murderous attempt to strip the pan from its clothes.
  • Too Faced cosmetics, Tarte cosmetics, Benefit and Stila make some really gorgeous palettes which are mostly collector's items but sometimes really good to get a wider range of colors. My giveaway of Too Faced Insurance Policy palette is a typical example of a collection of shadows that suit every need of your day. My friend Kamya from the Beauty Bar has some amazing deals on these brands and if you are in Mumbai or plan to come here, you must visit her store.
  • Do not invest in too many eyeshadow primers. Just basics like TFSI or UDPP or Nars Pro Prime and then MAC Paint pots like Bare study or Groundwork should be enough. My friend and quite experienced makeup artist Tejas Shah told me once,' If you want to build your makeup kit, invest minimum in cream based products as they don't last longer.' and he was so true. So I have decided to go light on mascaras and cream eyeshadows and buy one if its very urgent or LE or look for a dupe in the powder eyeshadows.
  • Just one translucent powder of compact powder is enough to get you ready and investing in another one without finishing the first one could be funny.
 This article is getting too big, so the next part would come soon.

Till then,


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  1. Yaa even sometimes me too splurge a lot on stuff tht I would ahrdle use, at that time it feels I am in some trance :p After purchasing I regret.

  2. awww this such a beautiful post..i have spent badly in things but with time i think i am becoming a wise shopper..i guess .or may be not :( blogging spoils u like anything.

  3. such a helpful n informative post..dunno why but out f all d blogs i follow i always end up reading ur articles right 4m d start to the end..!!!
    u r a great writer neeraj!!!

  4. This is an awesome read Neeraj , and I could relate to each and every point you said ... I am controlling myself these days but still end up picking things i hardly use ... thanks for this amazing post Neeraj :D


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