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First of all I want to thank all of you who took a bit of time from their busy lives and entered my Giveaway...It means a lot to me to read all those wonderful entries and feel so inspired from all of you. Choosing one winner is a tough decision but its solely mine and not based or biased with anyone.



'Tanveer Parmar'

Tanveer you have been selected not only for your inspirational story but your determination to live for yourself and see yourself metamorphosing into this gorgeous woman we all see and admire today. Do read Tanveer's blog here.
You need to mail me your complete name and address within 48 hours so that I can immediately courier you the product. With a lapse of 48 hours time, another winner would be chosen.

Here is Tanveer's story,

'I have followed your blog, twitter account & bloglovin as well :)

Sorry to hear about your father, the best of words fail in times like these. So I will not even attempt to say any thing further as words cannot even skim the surface of your feelings. 

I've always wanted to use makeup. I remember when I was 11 yrs old, my mom had discarded a lakme lipstick (I think it was 423) as it was worn right down till the base. There was still some left though and I picked it up. In order to avoid suspicion on my mom's part I used it as a tint. So I had a light flush of color, but not the texture or intensity. My tryst however lasted only 2 days, as my mom cottoned on to me, and confiscated the lipstick. (I think my obsession with lip tints originates here. Even back then I wld take some on my finger and dab it on my lip as there was no way other way of applying it)

The next few years passed makeup-less, but not for the lack of trying on my part. I was so enamored by the whole business, I remember I bought a toy makeup set. It had 3 lipsticks - red, peach & brown -, mascara, pencil eyeliner, hair curlers, blush & eye-shadow. But they were all made of plastic. Kind of like those "Doctor - Doctor" sets we get. So I had the stuff - but it was all fake. My sister and I would play parlour - parlour where we would take turns to be the MUA & the customer and apply "invisible" fake makeup to each other. We would also sometimes pretend we were on a TV show demonstrating - How to do makeup. It's funny now when I watch such videos on YT :D.. 

By the time I got to try makeup again, I was 23. My best friend's sister was getting married, and I pleaded with my mom to let me wear some makeup. She gave me a maroon lipstick & a black kajal - both of which I applied horribly. The kajal looked ghastly on me. I figured with my complexion & eyes, black was not my color. 

And it was now that I made my first ever makeup purchase - Lakme 9 to 5 eyeliner in bronze & some Elle 18 Lip Jelles (these were like thick tinted lipglosses in tubes). I used only these 2 products for the next 2 years. I had a lot of acne as a teenager so my focus was always on clearing that instead of makeup. 

But once I started to work, then the full-fledged journey began :D'

Thanks a lot Tanveer for writing such a wonderful story. Just a small request if possible, to write a review on the palette and how do you feel after winning this GIVEAWAY. You could publish it on your blog or mine or give me a link or something, whatever you feel like.
Thanks for everyone who participated in this entry though I anticipated more from dear and near friends but this is not the last giveaway. There are many more to follow and this blog has just started branching out.

Possible items thought for upcoming giveaways are;

  • Urban Decay Naked or Naked 2 palette (depending upon the availability)
  • Lancome Eyeshadow Quad + Mascara
  • MAC gift hamper for face, eyes and lips
  • Shiseido skin care
  • Clarins Eyeshadow + Lipstick
  • Some more palettes from Too Faced Cosmetics          etc etc
Well now is a bit boring part on my inspirational story!!!!

' Grown amidst a typical Maharashtrian family, I was born with a silver spoon. We used to have a huge bungalow where I played alone with all gone out for work or separated from the joint family. My timepass was to do my granny's makeup in the afternoon with products like Clinique, Almay, Revlon, Loreal etc. which I started doing at the age of 6yrs. Never applied eyeshadows etc but could do a decent job with lipsticks and nail polishes.

My father was a painter, photographer and commercial artist who hailed from J J School of Arts and had a finesse of Picasso for me. He was kind enough to expose me to the world of makeup at a smaller age due to his photography assignments. As time passed I forgot about makeup and was engrossed in academics etc. I ranked in topmost lists during exams and my small dream of drawing and little world of makeup and prepping up granny went into slumber.
While studying Medicine in Dr.D Y Patil Medical College, Kolhapur, one fine day while talking to my best friend and fellow doctor Abhishek Subhash, I told him about my poor makeup skills. He asked me to awaken this small dream and nurture it since I was also very good in drawing and art and got me my first Lakme Lipstick, a pink gold Manish Malhotra LE. Then there was no looking back. I got makeup books, practiced and practiced on myself and mom and after passing MBBS went to Christine Valmy in Mumbai. 

During this course I spent a lot of my pocket money and borrowed money from daddy and mummy to buy lots and lots of foundations, eyeshadows, mascaras, lipglosses etc. 
In 2007 I got my first MAC eyeshadow in Mothbrown and first eyeshadow palette from Givenchy cosmetics and then there was no looking back.All these wonderful years I have been buying a lot of products and using and trying and testing and finally decided to write my own blog.The name came from those countless hunts on Beauty counters and troubling all SAs and was apt for the beauty journey I was venturing. My daddy gave me the permission to develop this art and pursue this dream and convert it into a full time profession and then there was no looking back. I did manage to do photoshoots, bridals and other freelancing work and got my first job in Clinique that I did till 11th Jan 2012. It was a wonderful experience, met a lot of people who moulded me into what I am today. Met eminent makeup artists like Lippi Lal, Cherag Bambboat (Kryolan) etc and took a further step to pursue my dream as a makeup artist and here I am today writing this small story in front of you.'

I cant thank enough to all of you. Do participate in the future giveaways and pass on those useful and truthful comments and share your experiences. This not only supports the blog but also creates a special platform of beauty.

Do follow and support.

Till then,


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  1. WOW Neeraj thanx for sharing your wonderful story with us, must say an apt name for your blog after reading bout ur journey :) as for Tanveer, CONGRATZZZZ!! girl, lovely story n wish you many more such lovely gifts from life. Take care both of you n yeah would love to here ur review bout da most sought after palette :)

    1. Thanks Priya....I hope you had a lovely time!! More amazing giveaways to come..I just need to be a bit generous..LOL

    2. :)It's da feeling that counts, am having a gr8 time as always, u too have a fab day, c ya

  2. Congratulations, Tanveer, I loved loved your story!!!!! Neeraj, such a nice competition, it brought out such good writing!
    and Neeraj, i really found this post the best because it was so heart-warming to read about your childhood and your transition into the true you now, i really felt like i was going through a dream. it's all been conveyed like a movie. if only movies had such great scripts!! thanks for putting this up, it makes me want to believe.....

    1. Thank u so much Coral...There are some amazing giveaways to come in the do drop in! Thanks for all those lovely comments of yours. You are very inspiring and motivating.
      Have a great month ahead!

  3. OMG those two stories were so inspiring to me! what a great way to do a giveaway.

    1. Thanks Naomi! I like it dramatic...dramatic entrance and dramatic exits...Thanks again.

  4. Congrats Tanveer :), its a beautiful giveaway.

    Neeraj your story is so inspiring, Its sounds so easy to read that your journey from a MBBS to a an inspiring makeup artist, but I can only imagine how difficult it must have been. I am still stuck to my job, although I am not a big fan :P

    All the best for your blog, I quite like the honesty and passion here :)

    1. Thanks a lot Divya for those positive words...Do keep posting..Its so nice to have u here

  5. Hey, thanks a lot neeraj. So excited to win this. Thank you so much.

  6. Thanks a lot neeraj. I woke up this sunday to this wonderful piece of news. I am so happy. Thanks a lot.

    1. I am very happy that you won. It was not only your eclectic writing style but the way you rose through all the obstacles.Everyone has a story to tell and yours was very inspiring!
      Congratulations...looking forward to send it to you asap

  7. Thanks ALL for entering! I am so happy that I got a very positive response for the Giveaway all the time. All of your comments mean so much to me.
    Thanks for everything!

  8. Congrats Tanveer :D it was wonderful to hear your story and Congrats Neeraj for holding wonderful giveaway :D :D your story is very inspiring

    1. Thanks wait as there are more to come!

  9. Congratualtion Tanveer! Neeraj who said your story is boring???? Its very inspiring! Very few people ahve the guts to leave their profession and pursue their dream profession!

    1. Thanks for all the kind words and comments really makes me feel better with all what is happening in our daily lives after daddy not being there!

  10. congrats tanveer!!!n kudos neeraj ji for ur awesome journey...

  11. congoz... taneer..!!1 n neeraj ur story is truely great!!


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