Saturday, February 18, 2012

Knowing Edward Bess!!

After Edward Bess replied to my twitter chatter I was so inspired to write about this amazing young man.

He has not only won the hearts of the fashion world with his gorgeous looks as a model but also heart of every girl (beauty fanatic) with his amazing range of eponymous cosmetic line Edward Bess Cosmetics. A venture started with him consulting his sisters and mom on makeup looks to his decision to have some incredible colors in his first Lip Wardrobe kept the beauty world enthralled.

Lets see a bit of Edward Bess as a person and as a cosmetic brand.

With his beautiful sisters as inspiration, Edward wanted the women of world to have products that would make them look their natural self and enhance their beauty. Born in 1985, this American boy revolutionised the world of beauty with his first ever collection of LIP WARDROBE that immediately caught attention of Hollywood celebs and makeup artists alike and propelled him towards the path of stardom.

This collection of lip colors showed his refined style, luxury, innovation in formulas and mostly understated sophistication which made Edward Bess brand a desire to have. With perfect day nudes to bold reds he creates the perfect combination of lip colors that one could actually own. 

Today with his creativity going steps further Edward Bess is an expansion of a complete line of cosmetics with breathtaking formulas in foundations and skin care, buttery eyeshadows, complexion enhancers for a goddess like complexion and of course his line of lip colors.

Here are some of his makeup videos courtesy

An easy take on a classic smokey eye.


The Easy Day look


After buying the Bess Lash mascara which is on its way I couldn't help writing a bit about this blogger's favorite makeup designer.

With a pricing not for the faint hearted each item of Edward Bess cosmetics is a must have. The products exude a creative energy and look like they are well taken cared of.

My future list of purchase (LOL) from Sephora (links mentioned) includes
  1. Compact Rouge for lips and cheeks in Island Rose here.
  2. Quad Royale in South of France and Summer in Capri here.
  3. Blush Imperiale in Dessert Blossom here.
  4. Ultra luminous Bronzer in Daydream here.
  5. Berry Chic palette here.
Btw Edward Bess products could also be purchased at Zuneta or Strawberrynet who ship internationally as well. Hope you enjoy his line.

Till then,


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  1. very well written! n i cannot stop staring at him! more so, if i may dare admit, he looks like he could fit in as edward cullen! espclly the 2nd vdo's snap shot! white skin, red lips and long silky hair! i just cannot stop staring! :D

    1. He looks gorgeous and his products are just amazing...He did remind me of more handsome Edward cullen and they share the first name LOL

    2. Oh boy! He is so talented! He's exactly my age and has done so much...such creativity is amazing..

      Btw when I saw the title I thought u were gona do a Edward Cullen sorta post ;)

    3. Should i? I am maybe 100 times fat and plumper than Edward Cullen but wouldnt mind trying to do a Vampire look!! u cud see my FB album Halloween party...LOL

      Edward Bess is a gorgeous man with talent filled in every pore of his skin LOL..I am so mesmerized by his products right now that I am going to collect funds and buy them from whomsoever comes from US or

  2. thank you so much for sharing with us ... i have never seen his work but am sonna bookmark this post :D :D

    1. U must try getting the products!! They have an amazing finish and quality!


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