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Friday, February 3, 2012

Peacocks and Roses! ...

This post is another imaginative dreamy post. I wanted to incorporate colors that have never been coupled with each other (at least by me) and do something that has a unique flavor and this color combination came up. Its all about love in the air and this could be your V-day look.
All cool colors that were never paired with each other though used many times in different posts, making this a shimmery glimmery eye makeup.

Lets see, how to do this look,

  • Max Factor Xperience foundation.
  • Bourjois Anti-cernes pinceau concealer
  • Kryolan Transparent Powder
  • Chanel Tweed Fuchsia blush, dusted on apples of cheeks.
  • Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss in Brazen Berry

  • Prime the eyes with Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • Trace the upper lash line with Bourjois Effet Smoky pencil in Ultra Black and smudge enough to stain the lash line.
  • Apply MAC eyeshadow in Marvel on the outer corners, outer crease and smoke it out on the outer third of the lower lid.
  • Apply Inglot AMC shine 48 on the entire lid and blend towards the crease. On the inner crease apply bright turquoise eyeshadow with a dome brush. 
  • Highlight brow bone with Girlactik eyeshadow in Satin.
  • Trace the lower inner rims and lower lids with Chambor Ultra glide pencil in Peacock and smoke it out with the remaining purple eyeshadow on the brush to lock color.
  • With a damp 217 MAC brush, lightly tap MAC Reflets Teal and also in the inner corners.
  • Apply MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara after curling lashes with Shiseido eyelash curler.
  • Apply Uroparis no.41 lashes using Kryolan lash glue and secure in place. Curl the lashes to marry them into natural lashes.

Hope you like this look. Its very apt for evening candle light dinners and for late night parties..

Till then,


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  1. This eye makeup is amazing ! I love all your tutes!

    1. Thanks Manya....I hope you like all the more that are coming on the way!

  2. dis looks so dreamy!! i love dis look..will try for d v-day!! thnku ^__^

    1. Thanks a million it for V day and keep me posted

  3. you know what i had one dress in the exact same combination and loved it to death!! another gorgeous creation Dr Neeraj!

    1. its an unusual combination I always felt so...looks very stunning!

  4. oops ! so versatile..u used the blush too..i am just too impressed :)

    1. LOL...coincidental but true...I wanted to keep the rest of the face rosy and berry stained....

  5. This is stunning Neeraj ... let me find out words to describe how beautiful every look of urs is :D :D

    1. LOL..Thanks a lot...I am trying some cooler colors for a change...hope people like it!

  6. WOW WOW WOW!!! pure magic at play, i absolutely love this one and would like to try it out

    1. ISnt it magical! I felt a bit hypnotic while editing the pics..That Reflets teal is too amazing..Thanks for liking it!

  7. its a very beautiful combination,n i knw ur expert in tht:) keep posting sum mre different combination...n u wish to get ma fav estee lip gloss as giveaway:)


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