Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sophistiqué le maquillage de l'oeil bleu pour soir

This translates into 'Sophisticated Blue Eye Makeup for Evening' and I wrote it in French to add some panache and ornamentation. This is a glamorous version of perfect evening smokey eyes that can be done with just 4 eyeshadows (unbelievable but true).

Anyways, certain blues are too bright for day use and the evening lights mellow them a bit. Since bright blues like these that also have jewel tones can overpower eye makeup its important to balance them with an added bit of warmth on the face.

Inspired from Glam Rock Chic look in Versace's earlier fall/winter looks and an easier version of Rodarte's fall look with NARS, I conjured my own version.

Lets see how to do this look..........

Certain key features of this look are,
  • Use flat eye brushes to pat the color on
  • Use dome shaped eye brushes to diffuse the ends of each color block and bring everything together
  • Keep other features matte or satiny (not too glowing) as there could be a fine line between classy and crassy.
(Please dont mind my lids. They are too dry due to last days of winter and too many EOTDs and somehow my eyes are looking piggy...LOL)

Begin by priming the lids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer. Dab it gently and spread everywhere for getting high impact from the eyeshadows.

Draw the 'Stencil' by tracing upper lash line and inner rims of lower lids with L'Oreal Khol Contour eye pencil. Soften edges with pencil brush.

Create a wedge on outer corners and blend it into the outer crease.

Apply Deep Bronze with gold nuances from the MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio in Interview on the outer crease and blend it inwards. The bronze adds a bit of warmth to this look and doesn't add a grey cast to eye makeup especially on someone with yellow undertones. Also comb and groom brows.

Blend Navy blue eyeshadow from the MAC Mineralize eyeshadow trio in Interview on the outer corners blending into bronze in the crease. Smoke it out on lower lids and then extend the color to make the eye look wider.I have kept the darker colors mysterious and smokey so that they go in harmony with jewel toned blue.

Use the marbled size of MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow duo in Sea and Sky as highlights for inner corners and under the brow bone. Swiping the veining created this lovely grey lavender shimmer which adds coolness and frost to the look.

Apply some lavender highlights on the inner one thirds while blending into smoked navy blue. Dont mind those million fallouts underneath as I forgot to clean before getting photographed.

Dab jewel toned royal cobalt blue from MAC Mineralize eyeshadow duo in Sea and Sky on middle of the lid and create its reflection on the lower lid.

Diffuse the sides of the color block to blend it into the navy blue and bronze. Let the bronze peep through the blue and maintain warmth in this cool look. It feels like warm sweater in cold wintry night.

Curl lashes with Shiseido eye lash curler and apply primer from L'Oreal's Double Extension Mascara. (I have applied a lot of primer to let it be visible in camera but ended up getting ridiculously clumpy lashes and could not do anything. So pardon me.) Its important to apply mascara after 30 seconds on lash primer application for it to be a bit tacky and coat lashes. If mascara is applied too late then primer dries and makes situation even worse..........its a personal experience.

Apply several coats of L'Oreal Double extension mascara. Please don't mind the clumps that happened due to quick drying of the underneath primer.

This look demands bold and intense lashes to keep eye makeup from looking stark. Perfect harmony of intense black lashes with warm tones in crease adds lovely dimension to this smokey evening look. If you do not wish for looking dramatic see a mellowed version here.

To keep balance, add some matte bronzer on the contours of face with matte  or satiny peach blush. Too frosted and it could look OTT. You can opt for clear gloss or peach tinted gloss that does not have a lot of shimmer. I prefer not to opt for orange-y lipsticks or glossy peach lipsticks.

Products used: -

  • Shiseido Dual Balancing Foundation
  • Ben Nye Matte foundation used as concealer
  • Kryolan Transparent Loose Powder
  • Benefit Hoola Bronzer
  • MAC Ombre blush in Ripe Peach
  • Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing lipgloss in Mango
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • MAC Mineralize eyeshadows in Interview and Sea & Sky
  • L'Oreal Khol Contour eye pencil in black
  • L'Oreal Double Extension mascara
  • MAC Brow gel
  • Brushes used :- Lancome Foundation Brush, Scott Barnes concealer brush, MUFE Large powder brush, Shiseido Blush brush, Sigma makeup angled blush brush, Urban Decay Good Karma shadow brush, Shiseido Small eyeshadow brush, Christian Dior Large eyeshadow brush, MAC 217, MAC 219 and Smashbox angled brow brush.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and sorry for the magnanimous length of this post.

Have a great day!

Till then,


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  1. I was planning on asking you to plz do a blue eyeshadow tutorial someday, as I really need to try my Mac's Contrast and Electra.Thank you for this gorgeous look.I'm gonna book mark this page.

  2. this is beautiful! the blue really pops

    1. Thanks a lot Naomi....wait for more looks though!

  3. the blue is outstanding Neeraj !!! ... absolutely stunning it is :D :D

  4. This is fantastic. Really really will try this out. Count me as a regular reader now. Hoping for more such tutorials...

    1. Thank u so much Sukanya....More tuts coming on the way!


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