Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wedding Bells!!!

This picture is taken with due permission of the lady here (name undisclosed) and is solely used by Beauty Traveller as it happens to be his freelance work. Kindly do not copy the picture unless it is yours.

This is the lovely lady whom I got the privilege to do makeup on for her wedding. Since I used some of the cult favorite products I quickly wanted to let you all know the products that I used.

  1. Neutrogena Oil free eye makeup remover (to remove her previous makeup)
  2. Cleansing wipes
  3. Estee Lauder Renutriv comforting creme
  4. Smashbox Photofinish Light Primer
  5. Kryolan Supracolor foundation in FS 36 (her perfect color)
  6. Kryolan Transparent Powder in TL4 and TL14
  7. MAC Mineralize blush in Gleeful
  8. Stila Contour and Highlight palette
  1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer
  2. MAC eyeshadow in Cork and Brown Down
  3. Urban Decay eyeshadows in Flow, Verve, Vanilla, Midnight Rodeo, Blackout and M.I.A from the 15th Anniversary Palette
  4. Bourjois Clubbing liner in Black
  5. MAC Reflets Teal glitter
  6. Shiseido Eye lash curler
  7. Revlon Double twist waterproof mascara
  1. Max Factor Lipfinity lipstick in Gleaming 

Eye makeup breakup
  • Used TFSI as primer
  • Filled the brows with MAC Brown Down.
  • Subtly defined the crease with MAC Cork.
  • Traced the upper lash line and inner rims of lower lids with Clubbing eye pencil.
  • On the outer third apply UD blackout blending it into the outer crease. Blend UD M.I.A over the black into the crease and create depth. Blend it till the inner crease.
  • Mix UD Vanilla and Midnight Rodeo to create this glistening beige-taupe-straw colored eyeshadow on the lids. 
  • Highlight the inner corners with Verve from UD Naked 2 palette.
  • Re-trace the upper lash line and apply lots of waterproof mascara after curling the lashes. Reapply the mascara to give volume and length after the curl is set.
  • Dab on Reflets teal for more 3 Dimensional Holographic effect.
This is one of the most alluring looks I did and couldn't help putting it on the blog.I hope you like it!

Till then,


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  1. wow, you have done a great job, love her makeup!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Rakshanda...Happy to see u on my blog!

  2. she looks gorgeous :) gr8 work Neeraj .

  3. hey Neeraj.. would like to email you regarding something.. could u share your email id with me plz :) else just mail me at thnx...

  4. love her entire makeup...esp. the eyes and the blush...very classy!!!

  5. gr8 work neeraj , love it .. im waiting for the day when u would do my makeup :)

  6. loved the eye gorgeous!

  7. Gorgeous! luv how the entire looks comes together...especially the brows look fantastic...i kno its kinda dumb to like the brows even when the entire eye ok is so pretty but the brow definition really caught my eye...Fab work!

    1. U know Zara...I emphasize a lot on sculpting the brows...Used Browndown of MAC to create a bit warmer brow which I do not appreciate at time but since entire makeup was a bit cool toned that was what I did...Hope u liked it...Thanks

    2. i do like fact i luved question does one contour the eyes? am confused as to while contouring does one brush the shade in the crease are or n the area above it?

    3. For contouring brush the shade above crease. Then add lighter shimmery colors on the lid and brow bone...Darker colors recede whereas lighter colors bring forward...this technique makes ur eyes look bigger (an illusion)

    4. Thanx a ton for the guidance Dr! :)

  8. Hats off to you. Brilliant job. I could never blend like that in a million years. Congrats to the radiant bride.

    1. Thanks a lot Pandora's Box...Its all in the blending...

  9. this is stunning Neeraj ... everything is looking so perfect , lips , eyes , brows and cheeks ..
    loved the eye look and how beautiful the lipfinity is :D :D ...
    the beautiful lady is so lucky to have a magical touch of your skills on her face :D :D

    1. Thanks a lot!! I hope more beautiful ladies pour in too...LOL

  10. my comment ...i sware where it is ??

    1. Ur comment is under moderation and that why does not get published immediately...DOnt worry...until and unless its an anonymous comment I publish all comments impromptu!

  11. ok writing it again ...

    loved the entire look Neeraj ... the lip color is stunning and so is the eye look ...
    i am dying for reflects Teal :D ... i am sure the beautiful bride would be so happy to see her look :D :D

  12. loved her eyes..<3 <3 you have done it beautifully Dr. Lucky bride i must say ;)

  13. her eyes look so pretty!! great job


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