Sunday, March 18, 2012

An Experiment with Human Fundamentalism!!

Illamasqua cosmetics have been kind enough to send me products for reviewing from their 'Human Fundamentalism' collection. I was enthralled and so full of excitement that I decided to take this product review to another level. Instead of doing the same review and talking the same cliched things what every beauty blogger would do I thought of doing a look that could show my altered ego. And this is what I conjured.

I was sent 4 products from their line which are the key products in the look along with other options since I don't own much of Illamasqua line.

This concept inspired me to an Egyptian theme with gold accents on brows and lips and then apply colors of the desert sand and desert night. God Ra and his rise and fall as the day passes was also another inspiration for this story. Amidst the look you will also find the review of the sent products.

So lets have a look at my altered ego look and a small talk about the mentioned products....

Illamasqua PR kindly sent me :-

  1. Sealing Gel
  2. Powder eyeshadows in Sex, Vernau and Burst

I have taken this pictures without a flash. 'Burst' is a fantastic matte teal which looks gorgeous and is very pigmented. Top it on a cream based primer or shadow and it works in like magic.                 

'Sex' is a pure white unlike the name. Its the most amazing matte white I have seen. It goes soft as butter and stays will. I used it on the water liner for my altered ego look and it did wonders by staying there without an eye pencil underneath. Its a bright white with a bit of blue-ness unlike ivory.

With 'Vernau' described as yellow ochre, I would say its one the finest crease colors. It feels like suede or camel color on my eyes and looks utterly beautiful. The color is matte and packed with pigments without feeling dry on the brush or on eyes.

The 'Sealing gel' is very iconic and known to translate any powder eyeshadow into the finest liner you could use. An easy way to apply your favorite eyeshadow as a eye liner when you are on the run.




  • Stila One step foundation
  • Inglot YSM Compact powder
  • MAC Mineralize blush in Love Joy, Light flush and Smooth Merge
  • Illamasqua Sealing Gel
  • Illamasqua eyeshadows in Sex, Vernau and Burst
  • Fevistick Glue (to seal the brows)
  • MAC Pigments in Blue Green and Golden Lemon
  • MAC Reflets Antique Gold
  • MAC Paint pot in Black Ground
  • MAC eyeshadows in Smut and Gorgeous Gold
  • Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black

Hope you like the look.

Till then,


Products sent by Illamasqua PR for consideration. This does not affect or influence my review.

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  1. the look is magical as well as mysterious....n sex looks so the way u jazzed up the look with the antique gold it a pro pigment??

    1. Antique gold may be pro but it was limited edition in MAC's Antiquitease collection. I just love that...

      Thnks a lot Soph with the those encouraging words!

  2. i am glad that ILLAMASQUA product got some justice :)

    i loved the Egyptian theme which you picked :)

    1. Thanks Anamika....I maybe one of the few bloggers who went a bit beyond reviewing and making the same press releases...btw wat r u reviewing?

  3. This is the bestttttttttttttt ever look with Illamasqua eyeshadows , and I truly salute you for the hard work :D ...
    you totally deserve it Neeraj :D D: .... am eagerly waiting for more and more looks with awesome eyeshadows :D

    1. Thanks a lot Rashmo...Really wanted to do something different and amazing using Illamasqua...As i dont have access to some of their fantastic products I was simply laid back...
      Hoping to hear more from them...

  4. You should send an entry to their makeup artist contest...this is by far one of the best daring looks I have seen on a blog. x

    1. Thanks a lot Shivani...this was just a beginning. Hope to some more..!!

  5. Yes more looks please! I dont have anything from this brand yet! Loving the later ego!

    1. You must try some of their stuff....Very nice quality and very nice brand..

  6. this is such a out of the world look and so perfect! I wish they wud have taken u to do the Mummy Movie ka makeup :)

    1. LOL...would have loved to do makeup for the Egyptian Pharoahs if they were alive or I was in their time. I loved the brow and the lips!


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