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Guest post: - Eye brow waxing VS Eye brow threading

Introducing the first ever freelance writer for Beauty Traveller, Haley Christie, who is a jet set writer from London and travels NY to pen down her talents. 

Lets see what she has to say .........


'Well groomed eyebrows can make a huge difference to your appearance'. It may not seem like a big deal, but taking a few minutes to ensure that your eyebrows are neatly shaped rather than allowing them to develop into bushy, unkempt growths will open up your face and really feminise your features.


There are already several existing methods of eyebrow maintenance – the most common of which is still tweezing (presumably because it is a quick, free DIY method that can be done at home). Whilst tweezing is fine for touch ups, removal of the odd stray hair and maintaining already shaped eyebrows, you might be better seeking professional assistance if you want to get your brows shaped properly for the first time.
For a long time waxing was the most popular form of facial hair removal and eyebrow shaping. An eyebrow wax procedure usually involves a soft, waxing strip being cut into the desired shape (usually curved, arched or angled with varying levels of thickness) and used like a stencil in order to shape the brow. One side of the strip is covered with a sticky, wax substance which is applied firmly to the skin then removed quickly, taking all of the excess hair with it. After the procedure, products such as toner and moisturiser are used to close the pores back up and help reduce redness.


However, more recently the ancient art of threading has become increasingly popular. This method of hair removal is hundreds of years old and is thought to have originated in India, although it has been practiced for many years in other Middle Eastern cultures under the names of khite and fatlah (which mean threading in Arabic). It is only recently that it has become a well known and popular method of hair removal in the Western World. The procedure involves the ‘threader’ taking a long, thin piece of cotton in a twisted loop and pulling it across the hairline in order to pluck hairs directly from the roots.

Both of these procedures involve removing hair directly from the follicle, which has been proven to be a more effective and long lasting form of hair removal than shaving or trimming, but which is best? Let’s see how threading and waxing stack up against each other in some essential criteria:

Pain – Sometimes we all have to suffer in the name of beauty, but it’s best if pain can be kept to a minimum. Both of these procedures involve ripping hair directly from the root, so neither is particularly comfortable. However it is widely accepted that waxing is the more painful option as the wax is often hot and can lead to burns and skin sensitivity around the eyes.

Effective Shaping – Threading is definitely the more flexible and controlled option as the thread can be quickly and easily manipulated to shape the line of hair, whereas waxing strips are not as easy to adjust. Threading generally gives a much cleaner, crisper hairline and lasts longer too.

After Effects – Threading does not use any chemicals and has minimal contact with the skin. This means that other than a bit of redness, it would be very unlikely to experience any other side effects. Waxing, however, uses chemical wax and products such as tea tree and lavender to reduce swelling. This would be more likely to cause an allergic reaction or skin sensitivity. It has also been suggested that regular eyebrow waxing can lead to the skin become loosened and wrinkles occurring.

Cost – There’s not much difference between the prices of these two procedures, but usually threading is slightly cheaper due to the lack of expensive materials used. It is also the quicker of the two procedures meaning that you won’t pay extra for the assistant’s time.

So, it looks as though threading is the winner as the more precise, painless and purse friendly option of keeping your brows beautiful. And with all those benefits against its main rival, it’s not surprising that its popularity has rocketed in Europe and America over the last few years. Now eyebrow threading is available in a variety of venues from salons to chemists and celebrity cruises to department stores. Try it today!

Thanks Haley. Hope you all like the post. Its very informative.

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  1. I do threading all the time!!! :D Informative post.

    1. Threading is so easy and no it discourages future hair growth too...ISnt this very informative...Happy Holi to you.

  2. I always threading...ive seen waxing happening too but m terrified of burns and wax sliding into my eye or some such gross thing...:) Lovely article and very well written...Thanx Haley!

    1. Thanks Zara...Isnt Haley good?

    2. absolutely...i luv the detailed explanation...not a shred of doubt :)

  3. Hey following you via my blog your blog looks incredible and very very informative hope you like mine too
    Nev's Kitchen- CUrry, MaSala & MoRe

    1. Hi N....u r blog is delicious and amazing....Thanks for the support!

  4. Really great post :) Very useful. thank you. I prefer threading too :)

  5. Threading for pain no gains..:P...:))..

  6. Threading for me!!..and as we all noe,no pains no gains...:P..:))...nice post..

  7. Threading all the way. Mostly because if I had to use tweezers, I can't bring myself to pluck my own hair! ;)

  8. I've been seeing eyebrow waxing near me website now for over a year and she always leaves my eyebrows looking neat, symmetrical, and beautiful. She really understands face shape and what looks good for each person. I also found that she is really gentle and it doesn't hurt when she waxes my brows.

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