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Makeup Masterclass : Flawless glowing skin!

In the sequel of the masterclass post of getting a flawless glowing skin, I wanted to add another post of how to get a glowing skin for different skin types. Trust me even if it sounds the same, the steps are different (with the same product) and sometimes application methods are varied.

Btw 'ITS IMPORTANT TO INCLUDE SOME HEALTHY OIL IN YOUR FOOD AS OIL PROVIDES A SHEEN ON SKIN. YOU DON'T WANT TO DIET WRONGLY AND END UP LOOKING DULL AND DRY. My dietician made me restrict oil usage to 1 spoon a day and after a month my skin started feeling abnormally dry and itchy. I asked my doctor friend and thats what he said. So I started on COD LIVER CAPSULES per day (rich in omega 3) and got back the glow. (Do it if you feel like.)

Since I have an oily skin (combination in winters) I have always been on a hunt for such kind of products.
Let it be a dewy complexion or a milky creamy skin......its just so easy to achieve. Lets see how to get a glowing skin according to your skin type...


Dry skin lacks lustre due to the absence of oil glands. The skin looks wrinkled and parched all the time. If you have a good skin care routine you may have to massage a little more moisturizer on cheeks (muscled part of the face and not bony) as they need to lock moisture more. Also invest in a moisturizing or anti-ageing foundation even if you are young. The peptides in these foundations stimulate collagen production and maintain the skin's support structure, where as spheres of micronized minerals helps diffuse light in all directions giving a wonderful glow. Face oils can be good for dry skins too.

For the glow anything creamy is the best. Apply it on the areas of the face where light hits naturally and do not powder until its really required. Powder absorbs all the oil on dry skin and makes them look very dry. Of course brands like MAC and Shiseido also make moisturizing powders and can be beneficial. Sometimes a hylaruonic acid based moisturizer is enough to give dry skin their back. What I suggest is let the foundation go very sheer and light so that it does not settle in fine lines and then use creamy blushes and highlighters everywhere.

Products recommended: -

  1. Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus all smooth makeup spf 15
  2. Vichy Aqualia hydrating moisturizer (don't remember the name)
  3. Shiseido Makeup BrighteningVeil
  4. Estee Lauder Illuminating makeup base
  5. Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv foundation
  6. Lancome Teint Miracle
  7. Max Factor Age Renew foundation
  8. MAC Cremeblend blushes
  9. MAC Strobe Cream
  10. Josie Maran Argan oil illuminator (Sephora in US)
  11. Chanel Le Blanc de Chanel Illuminating makeup base.


With technologies in the tow, having an oily skin has become bearable now a days. Just with a skin care regimen inclusive of an exfoliant, oily skin has become a bliss (thanks to advantage of natural anti ageing.) Though the concern of oily skin is occasional zits, I recommend buying Oriflame's Pure skin Spot Treatment gel strongly. Long wearing foundations are a best bet and some of MAC foundations like (Studio fix fluid and Pro Longwear are a boon to oily skins). Do not neglect hydration as hydrating the skin keeps excess oil production at bay and do not over powder, instead use blotting tissues.

To maintain glow, add an oil free luminizer just on the heights of cheeks and no where else. Maybe some in the inner corners of eyes and a bit on the brow bone. T zone area shines by itself so attention is required there. Gel blushes and powder blushes are so amazing and fashion forward that everyone with an oily skin must have one. Any thing that is oil free and has light reflecting properties is good!

Products Recommended : -
  1. Revlon Photoready foundation
  2. Max Factor Second skin foundation
  3. Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation
  4. MUFE Uplighting luminizing gel
  5. MUFe HD Micro-perfecting primer
  6. YSL Matte Touch primer
  7. MAC Cream color bases (only for highlights)
  8. Clarins Instant Smooth Perfect touch primer
  9. Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation
  10. Chanel Vita lumiere aqua foundation
  11. Lancome La Base
  12. MAC Powder blush in Honour and Trace Gold
  13. Benefit Dandelion box powder blush
  14. Shiseido Accentuating stick
and more....


This is a question that I am sure everyone has to ask. You must see Lisa Eldridge's video on makeup for acne skins. Clinique Antiblemish makeup is a boon to these skin types and is a must have (after all the new shades that are added). I recommend spot concealing and not applying any highlighter there. Instead highlight the inner corners of eyes and the skin brightens up on its own. Acne skin is not bad everywhere and certain areas need attention while the rest of the face has clean skin. I would suggest not to use heavy foundations, instead spot conceal.

Finely milled powder shimmers are a good way to illuminate the skin and I prefer to stay away from liquid formulas for acne prone skins. Anything with the label 'oil free' or 'non comedogenic' is to be looked for. When it comes to makeup, opt for a matte look but add something for a subtle sheen. MAC Powder blush in Gana actually does the trick but since it was limited edition I am not stressing much. Sometimes eyeshadows like Nylon or Ricepaper also act as very good highlights for cheeks so if you have one then use it. Its important, not to do too much highlighting as it could accentuate pores and acne scars.

Products Recommended :
  1. MUFE matte velvet foundation
  2. Vichy Dermablend foundation
  3. NARS Orgasm Illuminating gel (only for cheek apples)
  4. Becca Shimmering skin perfector
  5. Benefit Girl meets pearl (actually for all skin types)
  6. MUFE HD primer in Green
  7. MAC studio fix concealer (for spots)

For COMBINATION SKINS, most of these recommended products could be useful. There are so many products in the market these days that a bit of exploring will get you your HG product.
There is more to come but in subsequent posts. So do keep reading. I hope you found this post a bit useful. I could not fit everything here though and myself find this post a bit inadequate. Do let me know if you need a master class on anything else.

Till then,


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  1. Great post! just one thing that when i started taking cod liver capsules,my skin broke out horribly but when i stopped, everything improved!

    1. oooo...sorry to know...ur skin must have broke out becoz of Vit.A in it..Tretinoin used in anti-acne is its derivative...U shouldnt take Cod Liver then.

  2. Dr.Neeraj..very helpful post! can you pls do a post on how to look glowy and not oily for very oily skinned! and if possible skin care too!!

    1. /shall surely do this masterclass but maybe in a few on the onset of spring!

  3. I take a seacod capsule everyday and this is such an informative post Neeraj :)

    1. ya its nice...but give yourself a break once a while coz they have too much of vitamin A

  4. I have horribly dry kin in winters and combi in summers....i have actually luved the healthy mix foundation for that glow...the glow actually doeslast all day long and s def my fav :)

    1. I found Healthy mix to be very good for oily skin on the contrary...u must be layering it over a rich moisturizer unlike me...btw u must try the new Repairwear Laser Focus all smooth makeup spf 15 by Clinique sometime.

  5. very good post Dr.!!!!
    going to try Lancome Teint miracle, but it doesnt give alot of coverage, does it?

  6. my skin has gone severely dry and i have used Lush moisturiser which has helped me in getting back the glow..:) great article Dr.Neeraj :)

  7. I also take the cod liver oil. But I feel that it makes my face break out in summers. And bad girl I am, I never take my cod liver pills regularly. i have one bad skin!! :(

  8. This is indeed informational one for a flawless growing skin, it is especially great for the bride. One should also consider best wedding linens for their marriage


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