Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Makeup Story : Prepping

The photoshoot was scheduled at Andheri on 10th March for a photography workshop for J&M Studios where the concept was to shoot beauty and elegance. With minimal hair and minimal styling, the theme was totally makeup.
I was told by Olya that she wanted bold colors diffusing into each other. Some colors needed extra oomph so glitter came in and she strictly told me not to use too much mascara, no falsies and no black liners. I got her point as it would have turned into too dramatic makeup and they wanted the model to look like a freshwater nymph and/or a fairy.

The Model was a dream to work with. Hailing from Ukraine, she's been an international model and has the poise in lines of Gemma Ward or Natalia Vodianova. She was ready for some pics that I took on the silliest camera in the photoshoot. Btw almost everyone had huge Canon cameras and I was so happy to see all of them. The lighting was by Broncolor and one of the most brilliant lightings I have ever come across.

So here are a few pics and their descriptions............

 Here is what I packed

Palnning to pack products at home and went completely berserk.

The beautiful Purple Vanity case I packed to the brim. It has MAC pigments, lipglosses, lipsticks, Clinique blushes, Shiseido stuff, Max Factor, Clarins and so many more.

I kept the used brushes in this pen-holder so that I dont repeat them and ruin the look.

Thats the brush holder I bought from a makeup artist and have a love-hate relationship with it. I am going to buy a smaller one to hold brushes but not lots of them. And the biscuits there show that all of us eat while doing makeup and everything lol.

The Kryolan Micro HD foundation mini palette was amazing and did give a fantastic finish which makes me think that I should buy the full size of that foundation. Its very waxy and melts into the skin.

THE MODEL (Before and After -  no tutorial)

When I asked her whether I could photograph her and put her on my blog she was as excited as me and the session went so smoothly. We talked about life, friends, and my little puppy Cookie whom she's intending to meet if we shoot next time again. 

I forgot that I had to take a before shot and realized it after applying concealer. But then quickly took the shot and she still has a flawless skin anyways.

Look 1 - Color burst.I did the final touchups after the test shot and this was the preliminary look.

The theme was 'wood nymph' for an eco friendly shoot and I had to make her look glowig and sun kissed. The lemon green liner in the eyes (from the previous look that did not move) gave her eyes a lovely dimension and that forest fairy like effect.

I cant thank Jaf and Olya from J&M Studios enough for the opportunity they gave me. It was fun, productive and I ended up getting some really nice stuff to feature in my portfolio.
Hope you liked this small session. I would be posting the tutorials soon,

Till then,


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  1. wow, beautiful Neeraj! You have an amazing hand for these things! ^_^.

  2. I love your vanity case... pretty purple <3 <3

    1. Thanks Deeptima...Isnt that color lovely

    2. its super duper awesome ... i wish i can get something like this in Delhi ...

  3. How I wish I could see this post. All I see is a rain of frogs in an icecube and it says below, Domain unregistered.

    1. oh god! maybe some error...try to see this post again.

  4. this is a lovely post and i luved reading thuur experience and how the entire process was......Kudos to u!

  5. Love the makeup! The model looks so sweet and fairy like!

  6. You did fantastic job. very very lovely look.


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