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Review : Estee Lauder Pure Gloss in Brazen Berry!

Long gone are the times when Estee Lauder was only a skin care for older women. Today with so many younger colors appealing to the youth and such ground breaking innovative products, Estee Lauder caters to the younger generation with a bevy of amazing products. May it be a Pure gloss or  Double wear foundation or Sumptuous Bold Mascara, Estee Lauder just spells 'L.U.X.U.R.Y' in the boldest words (and boldest prices too thanks to the new budget).

Today I am reviewing Estee Lauder's Pure Color lipgloss in Brazen Berry available in India for 1700 INR approx.

So let's have a look..............


It comes in a lovely glossy navy blue packaging with all the details and codes and everything. Unfortunately I did not have the box to show. It comes in a plastic tube with a golden metallic (or plastic) lid. The gloss has a sponge tip and is drenched in color.


Brazen Berry is described as a 'cool medium berry' on their website but it translates to a cool medium pink with high impact shine and color without any visible glitter or shimmer in it. Her Glossiness is totally gorgeous formula that is long lasting, quite non-sticky and luscious on lips. It has a delicate fruity scent which lingers for a couple of minutes after application and then fades off. There is no plastic smell thanks to GOD.

This color suits all complexions and is one of the reasons I have included in many of my looks. Brazen Berry could be my replacement to Shiseido the Makeups Chianti Rose lipgloss which is just little more diluted in color and natural on the lips. 

My little puppy Cookie (aka Chikoo) has duly consented to use his head and ears to exhibit the lipgloss for just a couple of seconds before he could open his mouth and chew it. Please remember in this picture Cookie was not harmed in anyways and was immensely cuddled with a treat to acknowledge his modelling spirit. Btw Cookie is German Shepherd for the curious.


Brazen Berry applies as a true color on lips and can be worn alone or applied over lipstick. In both the ways it lasts longer and stays glossy. The doe foot applicator applies the right amount of color without making it bleed. It spreads very well on the lips and imparts high shine and no shimmer.

In my garden without flash it actually looks like Berry color.

What Estee Lauder has to say about this!

Lip Gloss with the power to light up your face.
True Vision™ technology transforms ordinary color and makes it extraordinary. Imagine what it will do for your lips.
In a wide range of wearable shades with lasting shine for a lasting impression. You'll want them all.
  • Maximized color impact
  • Magnified vibrancy, clarity and dimension
  • Amplified brilliance
HIGH IMPACT FINISHESEach Pure Color Gloss shade comes in one of three distinct, multi-dimensional finishes:
  • Mirror Shine
  • Luminous Shimmer
  • Dimensional Sparkle
  • All with sheer-to-medium coverage
  • Feels light and luscious, never sticky
  • Drenched with conditioners
  • Flexible-tip applicator hugs every curve of your lips
  • Smooths on precisely, stays on perfectly
"Gloss brings sensuality to a woman's face."-Tom Pecheux, Estée Lauder Creative Makeup Director 


Satisfaction 5/5
Lasting power 4.5/5
Price 2/5


If you have money and are looking for a high shine lipgloss from a luxury brand then this could be used as an option.

Please have a look at this video of Estee Lauder on how to create fuller lips.

Hope you like this review. Do let me know.

Till then,


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  1. Mala pahijeeee!!!! this is such a gorgeous color and one that every girl shud have in her purse...it wud suit practicaly all skin tones na?

    1. Its one of the best glosses I ever came across...Perfect for everyone except the price.

    2. true...do u kno of any dupe?

  2. d color is so yum yum:-) im not a gloss gal but would hav hoarded it jus 4 d color if only it wer cheaper.....

    1. I can imagine! Its a wonderful one to use on special occasions I believe!

  3. Lovely shade ...high rating has built enough confidence in me to try it :D

    1. U must give it a try. They have lots of colors to see btw!

  4. this shade is a definite winner..will look good on all indian skin tones..I guess..:) love and much much cuddles to Cookie ...:-*

    1. Thanks...btw no one asked what flower was that....Its an onion flower. We planted a few onions and they grew really amazing!
      Thanks btw

  5. such a lovely shade... n i love d way u hv clicked d pix..specially d 2nd one..

    1. Thanks Kanika...Its beautiful isnt it! those are onion flowers in our terrace garden btw!

  6. I am loving the shade :) :D and the pics.. Very gorgeous and glossy

  7. lovedddddddddddddddd this shade Neeraj ... am gonna pick some from this range :D:D right now am so happy with my new EL :D :D .... thanks for sharing this :D

    1. Thanks a lot Rashmi...what did u buy from Estee Lauder..i am so into their mascaras.......

  8. i love the color , have similar one from chambor !

  9. wow.. such a lovely shade :) and ur nails are soo well manicured !! <3

    1. Thanks so much Deeptima....Nails are not manicured..Just applied Kailas Jeevan as cuticles were really dry :D Lol

  10. looks like a nice lippy..not sure abt the color though!!


    1. Thanks...do check on their Estee Lauder counters though!

  11. Hi Neeraj,

    For a long time, I was looking for a gorgeous gloss for evening year. I will surely grab this one. I have a doubt. I have medium-toned skin. Will it look good on me?

    Do let me know?


    1. this will look lovely on u since it appeals to all complexions...Estee Lauder has many colors and I am sure u'll find some really cool ones!

  12. when u said, "u will see cookie in the estee lauder gloss post", i thought that cookie is going to be featured in an upcoming post... well, saw his head for now... i love dogs, in fact, all animals...:) got to hear abt ur other dog's demise.... some people cannot understand but a pet's passing away can be so heartwrenching... i had 3 of my dogs passing away and it was a lot to take...


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