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Review : Girlactik Star Eyeshadow SATIN

I had shot these pictures a while ago but never dared to post a review and then forgot about it. I am going to review some of the rare to find products from some unsung heroes like Girlactik and I sincerely hope you enjoy them.

I bought this eyeshadow from The Beauty Bar in Andheri owned by Kamya Sangodkar for Rs.950 but you can also buy it from Cherry Culture (with additional shipping costs).

So lets have a look at this unheard beauty.............................

Girlactik beauty founded by Galit Strugano, a makeup artist to the stars with a motive to provide incredibly beautiful shimmery products that are true to their color and add a sparkling dimension to the skin. Girlactik beauty has been a favorite and found in bags of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and is makeup artist's vanity staple. They have a wide range of cosmetics to select from but their cult favorites are Pearl base (eye primer), Tinted Moisturizer (a mother of all tinted moisturizers as it is entitled), Cream Blushes (that are just a flush on pinched cheeks) and Makeup Primer  (to die for).

Girlactik Star Powder eyeshadow is a gem in disguise. They are found in various textures from sultry shimmers to maddeningly satiny mattes and have some unique colors added to the range. I like the way this eyeshadow called SATIN works as a multi-tasker.

Girlactik eyeshadow in Satin (with Clarin's Mirror)


Star eyeshadows come in a shiny brown packaging with a lilac pink print. I found this color scheme very unique and playful rather than boring blacks and navies. It looks quite classy and piece de resistance since it stands out differently. They have a logo in the front and content and application tips on the back of the box.

The container of the eyeshadow is metallic with a gun metal coating effect and goes with the color of the outer  box. This clamshell like container opens up to reveal the product and has a small high quality mirror inside handy for any touch ups on small areas. Don't expect to do your entire makeup with the mirror though. The eyeshadow has an amazing aesthetic appeal and the color schemes are very eye catching. It looks rich but is affordable.


SATIN is a pink champagne shimmery eyeshadow that translates into a gleam when applied on skin.
The formulation is ultra smooth gliding eyeshadow packed with lots of shimmer and sparkle. It melts into skin giving a cream eyeshadow like effect and is long lasting and long wearing even without a primer. 

The color is champagne pink with a beige shimmer and is more neutral than warm or cool. On applying it gives a wet effect to the lids and can be used dry or wet. When applied wet is creates a foiling effect on eyes which is best captured in sunlight. I have used this eyeshadow in most of my looks as a highlighter for brow bone and in the inner corners of my eyes except Kenneth Soh inspired look on my blog.

See how beautifully it swatches on the hand looking similar to MAC paint pot in Bare Study. It is closely related to MAC Shore Leave (more silvery than beige), Nylon (more ivory gold), Gleam or Sunday best (lighter). You could certainly find dupes for this color but I am sure you will not find a buttery formula like this.

What looks a bit alerting is that these eyeshadows contain mineral oil and parabens. But this does not affect the quality, finish or formulation and does not bother me.


I suggest the following ways to apply this eyeshadow :-

  • To highlight the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes
  • To create a C shaped highlight on the heights of cheek bones upto temples
  • To draw a vertical line on the bridge of the nose to make it thinner
  • On the cupid's bow of the lips
  • Apply in the centre of lips over a matte lipstick and top with gloss
  • On eyelids with a bronze eyeshadow or black eyeshadow
You can get as creative as you want with this universally flattering shade.


I loved this eyeshadow from Girlactik. It truly deserves the price that we pay for!

Hope you liked the review. Soon shall review the name makeup launches from Bourjois. Do let me know if you have anything you want me to review. If I own it then it shall definitely be reviewed.

Till then,


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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much! Intending to buy more of those!

  2. shade is so pretty ... I saw couple of Girlactik products on cherryculture.. i think their lip gloss costs 18$ ...bit expensive

    1. its actually worth the money that u pay....better quality of ingredients!

  3. this is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee Neeraj !!! lovedddd the color and texture :)

  4. wow! this is so gorgeous..the packaging AND the shade! :) how do u always manage t choose such gud stuff?

    1. I just hunt for stuff which is different...I used to impulsively buy everything that came within my way once upon a time but with the makeup cleaning post u must have realized my losses..

      I just buy what is limited edition and things that i need these days!


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