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For the next look in 'Bevy of Envy' I decided to go very very green. Its a bright green all over that looks smoldering and amazing. Think of 'Poison Ivy' from Batman movie and this could be the look you would want to don. Think of St.Patrick's day (next year maybe). Think of lovely and friendly leprechauns.

This is a look that incorporates a variety of greens ranging from bottle greens to grassy greens all taken from the amazing BH cosmetics 88 matte and 88 shimmer palette.There are too many greens in different textures and finishes.
Lets see how to do this look............

Conceal the under eye area to get a flawless finish. Dab the concealer instead of rubbing in. If you use a concealer brush, spread the concealer and then dab with fingers as the heat of fingers will allow better blending.

Apply an eye primer for securing the eyeshadows onto the lid and for them to stay put longer. I also filled in my brows with MAC Dark Edge eyeshadow.

Trace the upper and lower lids with NYX Jumbo pencil in Black Bean. This helps the eyeshadows to stick better. I like to do this step to create darkness and then gradually make it all lighter.

Blend the Jumbo pencil with a dome shaped brush to diffuse the color and make it look more grey

Apply a shimmery golden light green in the crease. Blend it to add a sheen and keeping it subtle to add gradients. It should look diffused and smoked.

Apply a shimmery light green on the lower lids and smoke it out.

Highlight the brow bone with a soft shimmery beige. Keep it light for less impact.

Apply a deep bottle green on the outer corners and blend it into the crease. This color adds depth and creates the desired eye shape.

Apply matte moss green eyeshadow on the upper lids and blend the color into the rest of the colors.

This is how it looks with matte moss green into bottle green and shimmer light green.

Apply shimmery golden green in the inner corners to highlight.

The arrow shows where this chartreuse shimmer is applied. This makes the eyes look bigger and brighter. Also adds a different dimension to the look,

Trace the lash line and inner rims with a dark black kohl pencil.

Curl the lashes and apply MAC Zoom Fast Black lash mascara to get the blackest lashes. Another good option is using a plum colored mascara as it contrasts with the green eyeshadows and makes eyes pop.

This is the finished look.

Finish the rest of the face with a pinched coral red blush and nude gloss as the eyes are very dramatic.


  1. MAC Prolongwear foundation SPF 10
  2. MAC Moisturecover concealer
  3. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish  powder
  4. MAC Powder blush in Bite of an apple
  5. Clinique Long last lipgloss SPF 15 in Stellar plum
  6. Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer
  7. BH cosmetics 88 matte color palette
  8. BH cosmetics 88 shimmer color palette
  9. MAC eyeshadow in Dark Edge
  10. MAC Brow gel
  11. Bourjois Clubbing eye liner pencil in Black
  12. Shiseido Eyelash curler
  13. MAC Zoom fast black lash mascara

Hope you like this look. Do let me know.

Till then,


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  1. love the color... neeraj, since your so amazing with eye make up, i just wanna get this look right. could you pls have a tutorial on this. i love how her eyes look here. i suck at gettin my smokey eye right, n i just give too much of importance to detail.
    Heres link 1:,r:1,s:0

    1. Thanks Nikki.......Please mail me the pics as the links are huggggeee!!

    2. hahahah. i cant help it, its selena gomez- year without rain, her eyes look gorgeous. ill post the links on your twitter page, aite. Nitey Nite.

  2. very beautifl....its not just fun but so earthy and a very down to earth kinda look :)

  3. Beautiful look! I'm into greens at the moment so I'm up for giving this a try!

    1. Thanks a lot Naomi...doing more of such looks in the series......

  4. you my god, you created magic with green shadows, this look should have a name like 'green with Envy' ! the shadows look very pigmented too!

    1. OHH !! thanks for the name..Shall put it for some other post for sure...Thanks a lot!

  5. This is breathtakingly beautifullllll look Neeraj .. what can I say ? absolutely loved it :D :D

    1. Thanks a lot Rashmi...such a wonderful comment! i am happy u like my work!

    2. LOVEDDDDDD it Neeraj .... i cant stop looking at the colors ... they are looking so WOW and am short of words ... why need a neutral palette when we have such wonderful full of life colors ... isnt it ?? :D ....


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