Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Elvish Legacy.

This look is inspired from the Elvish clothing in the movie Lord of the Rings. They mixed eclectic greens with demure grays for a fabric that was woven with magic and had various properties and protections. The silhouette is of Elvish silk and looks extremely chic when Arwen wears it. 

I used Inglot Pearl eyeshadows to recreate this aura and magical effect. The pearl grey eyeshadow has a certain mauve undertone which makes it appear so magical and beautiful.

To make the eyes look mesmerizing I thought of a smokey eye. The black and green interplay creates a unique magical duo chrome effect on the lower lid that balances the super shimmery pearlized effect on the upper lids.

So lets see, how to do this look....

Begin with concealing the required areas of the eyes. Sometimes I just dab an extra bit of foundation in the under eye area to conceal in case I am lazy to opt for another concealer. This look demands strategic concealing though as the greens and blacks can accentuate under eye madness.

Prime the lids with an eyeshadow primer. This keeps the shadows super stay put and also gives some play time for better blending when compared to eyeshadows on bare lid.

With a black eye liner pencil, Bourjois Effet Smokey in Ultra Black in this case, thinly trace the lash line and then draw a 'V' on the outer corners. Blend and smoke it out till the visible lines diffuse into each other. This technique helps darkening the corner shadows.

Apply Inglot 444 Pearl eyeshadow in the entire middle and inner one third of the lids. Softly blend it in the crease. This is a retrograde eyeshadow application for me as I normally begin with darker colors and then go light. This is the first time I have tried out this technique and trust me, I am not a big fan of it. I prefer darker colors first as they are in their most saturated forms.

Apply Inglot 414 Pearl which is a lovely blue based deep forest green pearl. You can see how the black in the corners has deepened the green. Also blend some in the outer part of the eye socket.

Blend a bit more of forest green eyeshadow in the crease. On the actual crease with a fluffy dome shaped brush apply Inglot AMC eyeshadow in no.58. This sassy grass green adds a brighter dimension to the mundane pearl colors. This is a very easy way to brighten up your dull eyeshadows by layering a bright pop of color in the crease.

Trace the upper lash line again with Bourjois Effet Smokey in Ultra black. Draw a small wing on the outer end of the liner. This makes eyes look almond shaped.

With a fine angled brush that is dampened, trace the black line with forest green pearl eyeshadow. This is called double lining and it oomphs up your dark eye liner to create a lovely dual toned effect. Also to retain this effect, do not highlight the inner corners of the eyes.

Trace the lower lash line and water line with black eye pencil and smoke it out. On the lower lids apply the same grass green AMC eyeshadow with a pencil brush and smoke it out. Also remember to join the lines to retain the almond shape of the eyes. Also subtly highlight with MAC Pigment in Naked under the brow.

Curl the lashes and apply layers of MAC Zoom fast black lash mascara. Tame the brows but do not create strong arches. Boybrows look the best for this look and I naturally have them.
Keep the rest of the face rosy and a bit dusky with some lilac-y lipstick on the lips to get the elvish magical effect. Ladies with elfin faces would look very very glamorous with this look especially with blunt cut hair or geometrical shapes.


  • Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation in 34 Beige Ambre
  • Clinique All About eyes concealer
  • Inglot YSM Compact powder
  • MAC Mineralize Blush in Gleeful
  • MAC Powder blush in Emote and Pink Swoon
  • Maybelline Colorsensational pure lipstick in Lustrous lilac
  • NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof eyeshadow base
  • Inglot Pearl eyeshadows in 444 and 414
  • Inglot AMC eyeshadow in no.58
  • MAC pigment in Naked
  • Shiseido Eye lash curler
  • MAC Zoom fast black lash mascara
  • MAC Dark edge eyeshadow for brows
  • MAC Brow Gel
I hope you liked the look. Please do send me requests for any particular eye makeup looks that you want to try and I hope I will be able to do it for you as a tutorial.

Till then,


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  1. Superb Neeraj ....never thought green and grey will look good together :D ... loved it

    1. Thanks Rashmi!! It is indeed a rare combination!
      Happy u liked it.

  2. nice combination !! D look is just perfect !

  3. Lovely look Dr...the inglot eyeshadow is pretty..I hope u don't mind but can u put a snapshot of the products u use in a post..It would be really helpful as most of the times I have to find out about the things ur using on google..I know its not possible to put swatches but just one pic of the products used would be great...Thanks

    1. Dont feel bad if I say this but the palettes r so messy that I feel quite embarassed to put the pictures actually. I will try to do it the next time though.LOL

  4. This looks so mesmerizing. *still staring*

  5. I love wearing such green eye shadows a lot these days! Looks soo fresh and lively!

    1. they look amazing...try pairing it with a grey or plum though!

  6. Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

  7. Gorgeous! U kno just the other day I was wondering when ud start the LOTR looks.. And here u r... :)

    1. haha I read ur mind then...do u have any other character in mind...dont tell me Gollum? LOL

  8. WOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! Simply amazing :D and looks sooo pretty!

  9. awesome look :) why dont you try uploading some tutorial videos, i belive it wud be gr8 watching it


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