Monday, April 23, 2012

Makeups that gave me Shakeups!

Hearing to Adele's Someone like you and retrospectively thinking about makeup, I thought of writing this article. I would call it an anti-post because it may not be the same positive article that I would normally write. One of the lines in that stanza 'Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead!' is so true when I think about my past ventures.

Btw I am not discussing my love life here. I am just talking about the products I bought and really regret for buying them. They may be very good or very useful but I bought them impulsively and do not use them. These products are such that I cant even throw (since they are in pristine condition) nor do a blog sale as I speculate whether anyone would buy them as I wont sell them for dirt cheap rates.

So what are these regretted purchases???


I was so fascinated with these powder highlighters when they launched but I don't remember a time when I have used them in a post. I don't say they are bad, its just that my hand doesn't go there to use them that often. I have so many more highlighters from Smashbox and MAC that take the place of these two way before, while taking decisions. I think I should remind myself to use them as frequently possible and finish the product off. (That might take a century)


You must have seen me dancing ad raving about the limited edition Tweed Fuchsia blush but the ultimate reality is that I havent used this blush on any clients, not even mummy and on myself to do looks just 3 times. That owes to its pristine condition when reviewed on Wiseshe. Ya I have picked it up in  2011 or something but after all the freelancing I am doing it looks like it is a sleeping beauty.


Givenchy is known for their amazing limited edition cutting edge products. But they just ended cutting up my pocket. I cant tell you one day or one post where I have used the Givenchy palette. Its a 9 shadow palette and costed me a whopping 3k approx and is eating dust in my vanity case.

And I had picked up this one.......


Shiseido may have the most amazing textures in the market but their color schemes did not appeal to my eye after I bought 2 palettes from them. Maybe I saw the packaging and did the biggest mistake there. The colors are undeniably good but very uninspiring and this led me to actually dismiss the palettes. I promised to never buy them again as I did not use them anywhere.


After hearing rave reviews I bought this mascara but after paying a whopping 1950 INR I am thinking twice whether I should use it or return it for something fruitful. Even though this is not an impulsive purchase I was not happy with it. I dont know the policies of Chanel here but let me see. Its a very good mascara and I have used samplers before but somehow I am not daring to open the packed piece and stick to my regular Bourjois mascaras. LOL

There are so many more products that I regret purchasing but luckily I found out ways to use them. With some of these products I didnt that is why they are listed here.

Do you have any of such expensive purchases that you regret about? Do share with us....

Till then,


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  1. i hate bomb purchases too, that too expensive ones. good luck with future product lines. hope the companies read this and understand that clients are cosmetically educated these days.

    1. For a lot of them and me these are mere infatuations. I regret then in the end.

  2. Aww the kitty is so cute!

  3. i so agree with u..i hav so many things like these which cost me a bomb and i got them while visualizing all gorgeous looks...but at the end of the day i still dont reach for them and settle for the usual stuff i have....and then when i see them after a few months i regret the wastage...all Moh-Maya I tell u...

    1. Lol. Same here. Its all moh-maya but its worth it. I'm making this post to remind myself to use these products.

  4. Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

    1. Thanks Laura. Sure will follow ur blog. Plz gimme sometime as I've been very busy. Thanks.

  5. aww u didnt like tweed..Neeraj ..i loved it to the core

    1. Arey no. I liked it so much that I'm too lost not using it. But now I am making sure I'll use it in lot of posts. Lol

  6. That's the reason I sit back and keep reading the reviews first.LOL. But then, someone has to start. I don't like spending too much on a single product, but then, given your profession, it's quite understandable. :)
    I had actually wanted the Givenchy palette I had located on a certain website and lusted for it. But I would give it a pass.

  7. Hey a silent reader of ur blog..have started blogging visit wen ur free


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