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Spring may be a favorite season of mine, but life in Mumbai does not allow enjoying it to the fullest. The climate is ridiculously hot and uncomfortable and makeup runs faster than we could. In such cases we look for tools and products for better resistance to environmental conditions and here are a few things I found out. This post is purely dedicated to foundations (especially liquids) as these are the products that run the fastest and I may make another post later.

Whatever brand it may be, its important to look for words like 'non comedogenic', 'oil-free', 'water resistant' etc so that the product assures at least some amount of wear. So lets see what is in for foundations this spring-summer 2012.....


Some foundations that could work in these trying times and hold up together while still giving the skin its youthful freshness. Btw I don't have to emphasize on the fact that a foundation routine of a working office going woman would be different at different times. So she'd end up needing many foundations (LOL) or just one or two foundations that make her life easy and let her survive the atrocities of the climate.



This foundation may not be new internationally, but its not been much time that it has come on the Indian shores. This silicone rich foundation could be a bottle that holds the elixir of flawlessness and blendability seen in the dreams. But it is somewhat near to all of this and quite durable. The best part is that it does not feel heavy on application, looks smooth and stays pretty gorgeous with minimal touch ups (depending upon the transit from AC to a hot environment). The area of concern is that the colors are limited. There are no darker colors in this foundation though I found some amazing 'neutral' tones for my skin coloring and the spectrum is limited. This makes women of darker colors a bit bothered of getting ashy by choosing the wrong shade. For anyone upto MAC NC42, there is still a ray of hope.


From the bouquet of foundations Estee Lauder makes is a long lasting foundation that made history. Since the coverage was very heavy they launched a 'lighter' version for women who apply foundation on daily basis and it became a hit too. Its like the naughtier and bubblier younger sibling.
Double wear range has cult favorite promising products and Double wear light foundation doesn't fail to extend the legacy. What I love is the seamless dewy finish this foundation gives (of course when powder is not used) and the way it stays put in trying times. Though I have noticed a considerable fading after 7 hrs approx on my face, I believe it would go better on others as I have a super oily skin. What I liked was the slip of the foundation and how it glided on my skin.



Though this foundation is in the mid way of its launch in India, the press release testers were very very promising. After being at the Rimmel Office and testing this foundation, I realized after 9 hrs from our meeting that this foundation is going to revolutionize the Indian Beauty Industry. Its glides like a tinted moisturizer and sets into a semi-matte finish and when you feel your skin, there is an amazing dewiness and glow (which cannot be mistaken for shine).
After a perilous journey in the train and sweating more than 10 litres of water (exaggerated), this foundation stayed and lasted forever. After blotting the sweat (not rubbing it from the face) and a glimpse in the mirror I could see my face shining and glowing and had the same dewy feel as if the skin underneath is intact. There are quite a nice range of shades and hopefully this foundation comes to the Indian soil soon.


With a new step in long wearing flawless makeup, Dior has kept us surprised as always. This is one foundation from the premium line that I am eyeing since I used their previously launched Forever Extreme wear makeup. Hope it performs well or maybe better than thought.
The best part is Dior is coming out with colors that would appeal the global market and probably everyone would end up having a shade for themselves.
Though at a tag of 2930 INR I would think twice before getting myself this foundation if I haven't matched my shade.


This foundation is Chanel's reward to their foundation users as the shades in this foundation are more than 20 and cover a wider range of skin colors and undertones. The finish maybe semi matte but it is luminous yet and quite long lasting. Its an big takeover over Chanel's famous but discontinued Pro lumiere foundation which did wonders to my makeup kit once upon a time (the shade was quite darker for me so never used it for the blog.)
I am thinking of getting this foundation for photoshoots and highly paid advertisements to get the perfect finish and long lasting less touch up results. Also this foundation does not have high SPF so hopefully the flashback would be lesser in photography. Looks kind and nice to the skin though and is perfect for summers due to his long lasting power. Plus the foundation goes on whatever is your skin type and delivers a lovely luminosity.

There are more foundations that I want to talk about so I am sure there will be an addition to the series. There are several launches awaited and I am looking forward on having a glimpse of some of the breathtaking formulas this year 2012. Could we call it an year of foundations though? I wonder

Do let me know what is your HG foundation this summer? What is the foundation you are eyeing for? And what is the foundation you got?

Till then,


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  1. Aww, all these are way out of my price range, so the only foundation I will be going for right now is Maybelline new Dream mousse liquid one. :(

    1. You could try the one from Rimmel when they launch. Its just simply amazing and very very affordable.

  2. I had checked the Loreal foundation and cud not find a perfect match..even the darkest shade look white on me..I just hope the Maybelline one is better...Haven't tried the others Those are high end ones and probably beyond my budget

    1. Actually the high end ones are quite good too but u need to plan in advance before buying them.
      Rimmel is quite a promising one in this line though!

  3. Awesome post doc! :) i checked out L'oreal one just last week only and quite liked the finish.May pick that up now as its thr in ur list. ;) BTW what do u hv to say about the Bourjois flower power range n the healthy mix??? Are they good enuf for summers?

    1. Thanks Jyotirupa...I didn't like Flower perfection that much actually. I recommend Healthy mix totally for summers. Just didn't include in the post as that's not a new launch.

  4. Healthy mix is my HG Foundation.. Love the finish.. And m really lookin forward o the Rommel one gettin released :)

    1. ya the Rimmel one is really nice! I am just hoping they launch it soon!

  5. My HG foundation is MUFE Matte velvet plus. It gives full coverage without being heavy and controls shine as well :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. My HG foundation is the MAX Factor optical illusion creme foundation...nice and dewy without being streaky or ashy...not high on coverage would be the TBS Extra Virgin Minerals foundation.

  8. What are your views about Loreal Matte Morphose Foundation?? I've heard a lot about it.
    My favorite Revlon Colorstay (for oily/combination) foundation is finished. I can't seem to find my shade in Revlon anymore (They say it's been discontinued :/ )
    I need a foundation which is good for really oily skin- and would have really good coverage (since I have few dark spots) with minimal need of touch ups. under 1000 bucks.
    Would really appreciate any other suggestions :)

  9. della1204@hotmail.comApril 13, 2012 at 10:16 PM

    What about Clinique's foundations??

  10. did u check out the new lancome teint foundation? i just happened to randomly stop by and see, though i have not tried it on my face so not quite sure yet as to how the product is...

  11. I am soon picking up the Rimmel 25hr foundie on ur recco doc.. I saw it in Parcos now I want it bad..i love its stay matte powdeer.. its overtaking the Revlon touch n glow powder which is suppose 2 b my HG compact powder.
    Love Rimmel <3


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