Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Toasted and Glazed

I was very inspired by the honey and butter that went on to my warm toast at breakfast and thought of doing a look with this. I have always loved the honey glaze on eyes and feel that its something that would not go out of trend.

You can use any color to create this effect, just remember to use dark colors as low lights and a shimmery pigment (preferably duochrome) overlaid over it.

So lets see how to do this look............

Start with a concealer underneath. I am looking a bit tired in the pic so please don't mind that. 

Prime the lids to keep the eyeshadows stay put.

With MAC Brown Down create a deep crease. To do a deep crease first apply a subtle wash of the crease color and then with a pointed dome brush deepen the color exactly where the crease starts. Blend and reapply till you get the desired result.

Apply MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow in Interview (Bronze gold) on the outer corners to create depth.

Blend the same bronze color on the lower lid. Can you see how defined the crease looks.

Apply MAC Sable to the middle of the lid. This gives a lovely glaze due to the frosted effect. You can even layer MAC Honeylust or UD Chopper to add brightness and dimension.

Apply the Sable on the middle third of the lower lid as well.

For a buttery glaze I added some MAC pigment in Golden Lemon in the inner corners and inner thirds of the upper and lower lids.

Applying a lighter color or a brighter color in the inner corners opens up eyes and gives a wide awake appearance. I love this effect a lot.

Curl the lashes with eye lash curler and apply various coats of Clinique High Lengths mascara to add definition and lengthen the lashes. Fill in the brows and tame them.

So this is the finished look. I advice to keep the look pretty monochromatic with brown or honeysuckle tones on cheeks and lips. A little bit of highlighter on cheeks gives a candle-lit glow on the face which is good for evening dinners and all.


  • Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita Mineral makeup liquid foundation
  • Clinique All About eyes concealer
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish pressed powder
  • MAC Grand duo blush in Light over Dark
  • MAC Powder blush in Gana
  • Clinique High Impact Lipstick in Pure posh mixed with Nude Beach
  • Clinique Long last lipgloss in Knockout Nude
  • Urban Decay Primer potion
  • MAC eyeshadows in Brown Down, Sable and Dark Edge (for brows)
  • MAC Mineralize eyeshadow in Interview (bronze color)
  • MAC Pigment in Golden Lemon
  • MAC Brow Gel
  • Clinique High Lengths mascara
  • Shiseido Eyelash curler
Hope you like this look! As soon as I finish the backlog of all these looks I will be starting a series or a month dedicated to Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 palette looks.

Till then,


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    1. Thank u so much Eesha...I am trying that inner corner thingy for this spring actually!

  2. That gold really puts an oomph! :) Great look, you have pretty eyelashes btw! I'm jealous! :D

    1. Thanks Nisha...its a blessing in disguise from my mum!

  3. now I want honey n toast! yumm....

    Dr, is brown down similar to espresso?

    1. not at all similar...Espresso is more blackened where is brown down is a bit red on the lines of Embark!

    2. ah.then i dont hav such a color...ive only recently started dabbling in es and get so confused..so many colors to choose from...sigh...


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