Tuesday, June 5, 2012

5 Must buys for MAY - What I bought!

For those who remember this post, it is re-published. I'll be sharing all the products that I got in MAY along with the mentioned ones.

With April being a very busy month, I am happy to get a breather for MAY and do a beauty travelling to see some amazing stuff out there.This month I am inspired by a lot many things to jot down to just '5'. But thats the fun as you struggle within your mind and fight and try to decide with the best products out there. Anyway....

Most of the products I am writing or talking about have been already launched internationally and I am sure everyone has read rave reviews of them everywhere. Unfortunately due to their late arrival on Indian shores they did become a hassle to look for but now since I have found them, they inspire me even more.You can also read about the month of MAY by clicking on the link here. Its quite interesting.

So lets see what are the must buys..... this MAY 2012.......

ESTEE LAUDER's Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelee in Modern Mercury

I have been ogling at this beauty wonder since quite a long time and finally it has come here. A limited edition product, this would work as a charm on a mundane day. I loved the packaging so much too, looks like the product is moving within the palette.
It has multiple properties and can be used to illuminate eyes, cheeks and even lips. Shall do a tutorial on this divine product soon.

Got it and loving it. It was priced at 2712 INR and couldn't resist it. It looks like a treasure bought from the depths of Caribbean Islands. Must also mention that Rashmi from Indyabeauty got one too. We simply loved it and were truly inspired.


This is a boon in disguise for all the consumers who cannot afford avante-garde makeup like Chanels and Estee's. This eyeshadow is creamy, feels spongy and contains high shine and incredibly durability. I got Forever Pink due to its melange of golden pink with lilac pearl but there are more shades coming in my kit soon.This eyeshadow can be bought without second thoughts.

I got 3 colors with their reviews coming soon. In fact I used one of the colors called Hourglass Beige on Avantika Mallik for the GQ Best Dressed Event.


This is a drug store miracle according to me. I bought the mascara when it just launched here with a lot of curiosity and hopes like the Grow Luscious one. And I must say this mascara does a better job. With 2 settings for volumising and lengthening lashes, this could be comparable to some of the best mascaras in the market. Of course, provided you use a lot of eyelash curlers and have long lashes, not for shorties and scanties.

This mascara is amazing. I might repurchase another one soon. Though this makes it into a transition in the 5 must buys of June.


I am eyeing this eyeshadow especially, from the Dior's new Summer 2012 collection. It has all the warmth and glow one would need to create definitive eye makeups and always look radiant and mistakeproof. The other products are good too, especially the turquoise liner, but given its Dior there are drawn certain lines of restriction.

Not coming to India so shall forget it for now.


Want to look beautiful as you get up in the morning? Here is the answer. With Salicylic acid and Acetyl Glucosamine gently working closely to release all the skin debris and dead cells, Horse chestnut and Clary sage for their regenerative properties and Linolenic acid for skin nourishment and fortification, this is a must have product from the wonderful platter of Clinique. This is an 'All skin type' product and can be used by all who do not have skin concerns especially active ones like acne. Shall soon do a post on this as well.

I did not buy this since I already have half a jar of my Youth Surge Night Cream left. Shall be buying it in August maybe.

There are many more but these 5 blew my mind away and with already picking up 2 of the mentioned list products, I am almost on the way of picking up the rest.
Do let me know what are you must-buys this May.

I also ended up buying some NYX pencils, Max Factor Pencils, Bourjois Pencils, Maybelline Lip Pencils, Maybelline Dream Touch Blush, Estee Lauder pencil and lot more.
Hope you liked this light and airy post. The must buys of June coming soon.

Till then,


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  1. Neeraj, the ESTEE LAUDER's Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelee is intriguing me, can't wait for your review on this one.

    1. ME too!! shall be getting it in a day or two and I'm so excited about it already! LOL

  2. I want EL ka illuminating gelee.. And the infallible se.. I just saw them yesterday and have fallen in love!

    1. Even if u dont buy the illuminating gelee powder, at least buy the Loreal Infallibles...they r simply amazing and last truly very very long!

    2. M def getting them...pebble grey is my first target.. I've never seen a grey quite as beautiful.. Usually it's d purples n pinks.But this one was wow!

  3. Hello Dr. Neeraj. M a regular reader of ur blog n have rlly improved on my makeup application following ur guidence. I have a lil query regarding EL gelee.. I hve forever wanted it but due to it being a limited edition cud nvr lay my hands on it on d international shipping sites n nw since its available in india cud tell me an online site whr I cud purchade it?! Or else whr in bombay wud I b able to find. I wud rlly b grateful for ur help.

    1. oh..its available on Estee Lauder stores as a limited edition product!
      U'll love it and see if u can order now....I doubt they have stocks!

  4. Neeraj .. am dyinggggggggggggggg to read your review for loreal and Estee Lauder ... :D i musttttt get these 2 i guess :D D:


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