Saturday, May 26, 2012

Easy Summer Duets : - Lava Rocks

For my send post on Easy Summer Duets, ( you can see Camel and Camellia here) I was inspired by molten lava and the rocks that are singed under this hot bubbling fluid purged from the earth's core. I have used a combination of a matte blackened blackcurrant eyeshadow paired with one of the most sought after and overrated eyeshadows of the beauty world (shall tell the name soon though people will guess looking at the color itself.)

Easy Summer duets are looks done using only 2 eyeshadows. For striking effects I prefer using contrasting colors but that is not the hard and fast rule of these looks. Its just to make the beauty world a bit easy and breathable and take a holiday from dramatic looks. Its a fun way for starters and is not heavy on pocket.

So lets see, how to do this look...... 

Begin with concealing the under eye area with a good coverage concealer. Apply in dabbing fashion to avoid troubling the delicate area and curb future lines and wrinkles, which I have in plenty. TIP :- To avoid under eye circle, refrain from tugging the delicate area and prevent yawning if you can.

Prime the lids for better gliding of eye pencils and better staying power of eyeshadows. Fill in the brows with brown powder and tame the brow hair.

Trace the lash line with Bourjois 16 hr Kohl and Contour pencil in Ultra Black. Even L'OReal makes an amazing jet black color. There are quite smudge-able within 60 seconds after which they set in to become smudge proof. 

Blend with a pencil brush, to stain the lash line and also create a smokey effect.

Apply MAC eyeshadow in Top Knot on the lash line, outer corner and the crease, as shown in the picture.

Intensify the color on the upper lid by layering the eyeshadow as per desired. Also apply on the outer half of the lower lid and smoke it out. This eyeshadow is for framing the eyes and making a stencil.

With a flat eyeshadow brush, apply MAC Expensive Pink eyeshadow on the inner half of the eye lid and blend outwards and upwards into the matte color.

To brighten up the eyes, apply MAC Gilded white pencil in the inner rims of the lower lids. 

 Curl the lashes with eye lash curler and apply 2-3 coats of Bourjois Volume Glamour MAX Definition mascara.

Finish the look with a coral toned blush and a beautiful matte coral lipstick. I dont advice gloss as the eyes are already dramatic. A hint of bronzer is good enough to add warmth and dimension to the face.


  • Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita mineral makeup
  • Estee Lauder Double wear stay in place concealer
  • Estee Lauder Double wear stay in place compact powder
  • Clinique True Bronzer in Sunswept
  • Estee Lauder Powder Blush in Peach Nuance
  • Clinique Long last lipstick in Beach Coral
  • Urban Decay Primer potion
  • MAC eyeshadow in Top Knot and Expensive Pink
  • MAC Powerpoint pencil in Gilded White
  • Shiseido Eye lash curler
  • Bourjois Volume Glamour MAX Definition mascara in Black

Hope you enjoyed the look. Please put in your inputs.

Till then,


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  1. sultry n sexy! screams red carpet!!

    1. Thanks a lot Zara...Isnt Expensive Pink ur favorite eyeshadow!

  2. I like it, it's a good interpretation of your inspiration! I am going to try this out for myself!

    1. thanks a lot share the link to ur post!

  3. I love is very easy to follow and pretty

    1. thank u so much! Im posting some more of such looks!

  4. this is like WOWWWW!! Sexy smokey n sultryyyyyyyyyy n easssssy too!!

    very wearable..!good work..doc! :)

    1. thank u soooo much Erica....I m making more of such looks!

  5. splendid post, Neeraj. I have learnt alot from this as you have explained it so well. Amazing artistry. You have magic hands

    1. thanks u so much Coral Crue!! Ur words mean a lot to me!

  6. Super sexy!! I wish I cud ontol my yawning.. But unfortunately, I keep doin that till its about 11am ;)


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