Sunday, May 20, 2012

Penciled in!

Seriously I feel at times that hauling of products and bragging about them on the blog is really a waste of time. What is the fun in showing off what you have? After this post, my perception changed a bit.
I went on this huge shopping spree and got some amazing products although I did not really want to talk about a lot of them. I am featuring just a small part of the amazing things I picked up, keeping the rest for posts and miscellaneous stuff.

I had a lost-and-found moment with my eye pencil pouch at a photographer's place. I was so worried and angry, that I went and splurged on these eye pencils before I got the news that my pencil pouch was in the studio. Anyways I loved the textures and formulas and some of these pencils are simply amazing. I must stress on the fact that this is a haul-cum-review post and I am not really stressing on just one product but writing 7 in one post.

Btw I bought all of these..

Lets have a look at what I ended up with.....

I got,
  1. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in place eye pencil in Black plum for 1450 INR approx.
  2. NYX Slide on Eye pencils in Brown Perfection, Jet Black, Tropical Green and Purple blaze for 475 INR each.
  3. Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencils in Brown blaze and Lilac Flame for 340 INR each.

This is one of the longest lasting and the creamiest eye pencils I have owned. I already had the Black Onyx and this was another favorite of mine. Though it is called Black plum, it is more of a dark purple and has no nuances of plummy red in it. It comes with a small smudger which is really great to created a smoked effect and blending the eye liner into the lash line. 
The formula is very creamy and glides on without tugging or pulling. With a play time of 60 seconds, the formula dries to last for quite a long time. Only what bothered me was the color may not stay very well on the waterline but this is subjective thing and I have immensely watery eyes. The formula is more chromatic and has high shine when swatched on hand but it translates into a much sober version on the lids when applied in a single layer. It got intense and shiny with the second layer. 
There are an array of colors to choose from and I am eyeing on the jungle green and chocolate brown the next. 

A breath-taking formula from the house of Max Factor which is really a makeup brand by,of and for makeup artist. With Pat McGrath holding the brand's reins, it flourishes under her wings and they always have something extra-ordinary to offer.
The liquid effect pencil is no less. It has the softness and creaminess of an eye pencil but the results are of a liquid eye liner. Actually this is the same result you'll be getting from all the pencils featured and mentioned below.What difference in between the NYX and Max Factor pencils is that the former are very shiny and way softer than the latter. Although Max Factor stayed put better than NYX.
Brown perfection is a dark brown with a bit of red into it. It is most flattering to get a basic office smokey low key makeup effect. The smudger provided has a unique shape and does a good job in creating smokey eyes. If not smudged, it actually looks and feels like a liquid liner and is a very good product. They have some out of the world colors and the chartreuse green is to die for. It happens to be my next purchase from them.

Lilac flame is a dirty grey lilac with a multicolored subtle shimmer. It looks quite metallic when applied on its own and has a lovely unique color. I have tried a look with a darker liner on the upper lids and lilac flame on the lower lids to create a contrasting effect. Looks quite sultry and glamorous.
The color of the pencil reminds of MAC Mauvement pigment applied with a fine damp liner brush. 

This pencils have a ridiculously big name and I prefer to call them Slide on Eye liners by joining the first two and last two words of the entire 2 line sentence. Brown perfection is a dark soft brown with subtle red tones. It glides very smoothly, actually like Avon liners and dries off really fast, leaving a clean line behind. I dont advice smudging these liners as they dry off even before you decide to smudge them.
It really lasted long and created very glamorous eyes.

The only fault I could find with NYX liners was, they are very very smooth and need to be sharpened every time I use them which can be annoying. The formula is good but I assure that these pencils wont even last for a month if used everyday. There is a lot of wastage.

I always fall for greens and this color is featured in my upcoming monochromatic green eyes post. This is a cooler darker bottle green with an add mystery element. On application it shines to look like an emerald green married to a teal. Very different from the regulars that we have. It is super shiny and super water proof though it budges a bit on the water line.

Another stunning jet black in the black eyeliner bandwagon. This is super smooth, intensely dark and as the name suggests, really really jet black. The only thing is that it dries off very fast and leaves a shiny trail behind which I like and I recommend to use a smudgy black liner underneath for a more sophisticated effect.

This is a regular purple which glides on to create an extremely shiny and glamorous liner. Only I found this one to be a smidgen less on pigmentation than the other colors.

From the NYX liners, I am eyeing and planning to buy as many colors as I can. These colors are super affordable and have some beautiful and extra ordinary colors. The NYX Retractable pencil liners are a better bet though as the colors not only glide well but stay put quite longer than Slide on ones. But I like them both.

There are more pencils that are on my lust list and would be buying them to flaunt and review whenever I can.I hope you enjoyed this rapid haul-cum-review. There are more to come and hope you like them too.

Till then,


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  1. awesome !! will try to get the maxfactor/nyx ones..hope see swatches of these soon :)

  2. lilac flame looks unconventional :)

    1. its a beautiful color...Going to do some looks soon! Shall post in!

  3. I loved the EL and MAxfactor ones, and just the name 'Jungle green' has made me want to buy the pencil. Doc what are your thoughts on MAC eye pencils?

    1. Jungle Green is really amazing. Its very long wearing and dramatic...have a look!

  4. cannot imagine losing a bag of beautiful eye pencils. glad you got them back. great post!

    1. i was so terrified..I have to actually collect it from the photographer though! LOL

  5. i soo wana try d max factor ones..they r gona b my next buy for sure!

    1. ya they r nice..I will be buying all the shades.....


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