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Estee Lauder Illuminating Powder Gelee....a tribrid in the making!!

Although late in reviewing, I guess I will do enough justice to this review. When people were crazy buying NARS and all sorts of stuff from online sites and bragging about it, there was a hidden gem found by me. Immediately I and Rashmi of Indya beauty got this and trust me, we would have regretted if we didn't have it.

Estee Lauder's Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelee in Modern Mercury is not a new launch. It just took its well deserved time and patience to hit the Indian shores and trust me, it did with a bang.

(Btw the box and the packaging is pathetically prone to finger prints)

I bought this uber chic product from Estee Lauder Store at Palladium for 2712 INR.
It comes in their signature Estee Lauder glossy navy blue box with a luxurious EL imprint in a shiny blue. The golden print over the box truly feels rich and gives a touch of understated elegance, something what Estee Lauder is known for.

The case is a plastic case in golden color with Estee Lauder embossed on it. Not only is it elegant and luxurious looking, it is also sturdy and practical.

I would explain this highlighter as a shell pink champagne iridescent pearl that add highlights to any part of the face wherever used. The intensity is buildable and can go from a subtle aura to really intense dramatic results by just adding a couple of brush strokes.
It certainly gives an appearance of POLISHED SKIN.

The formula of this product can be a bit tricky to categorize. It looks like a hybrid or a tribrid between a powder, a jelly and a cream highlighter. It feels like a refridgerated chocolate mousse or cheese cake in texture. To elaborate the explanation, I would share my points,
  • On appearance it looks a powder but is designed in such a way that if feels like it is moving in the case.
  • On touching the product, it feels like jelly. That means, the surface is smooth and slippery and so soft that you could burrow your finger into the powder.
  • When applied on the face it looks like a creamy highlighter. It does not have the heaviness of a powder product and looks as if it is floating on the skin.

There is a sponge tip applicator provided with it and is of good quality. But like all other applicators that I know of, provided in the casing, this one has limited usage. I would specifically not recommend it to highlight the face subtly as it does pick up a lot of product although it diffuses it very well.
The best part of all the talking about the review is that, even after heavy application or swatching, the fish scaled embossing on the product went through minimal damage and defacement. The formula is intense on pigments and I would advice a light hand and layering than an aggressive digging within.

So lets see how to use this highlighter....

Estee Lauder Illuminating Gelee can be used everywhere on entire body. I am not joking. The shell pink champagne highlight adds a soft focus pearlised finish whereever it touches. Its just a kiss of the product from a brush that gives you the finish you want.

In this picture, I have used the gelee powder has an eyeshadow. To some extent it does look like Stila Kitten eyeshadow (used as a brow bone highlighter), only the latter being more white and frosted peach and the former being shell pink champagne. I dont want to boast, but a trained eye would notice a difference. On the lids, it looks like a cream eyeshadow. I applied it with a soft flat Shiseido small eyeshadow brush as I wanted to see how it spreads.
Although the best way to apply this gelee on the lids is using fingers. The pigments are dispersed better and the formula does melt with the heat.

(Other shadows used are Illamasqua Vernau and MAC Smut. I also defined my brows with Smut. For lashes, I used Estee Lauder Double Wear mascara.)

In this picture I have used the illuminating gelee in the inner corners to open up the eyes. It creates a lovely playful effect and looks amazing.

Sorry my mistake that I didnt shave and it may look hideous but I dont care. This is a review of a product and I would appreciate people looking at where the product is applied and in the way it is applied. For highlighting the heights of the cheeks, I applied the illuminating gelee with a tapering small flat Shiseido blush brush in the direction of the arrow marked in the picture.


I am looking a bit grim and sad like the before and after images in the glossies.

I have applied Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita Mineral liquid foundation and a bit of MAC mineralize skinfinish.


And these are the areas that I have highlighted, marked in circles.


  •  All over product.
  • Versatile in application
  • Buildable intensity and long lasting
  • Smooth texture
  • Less product wastage

  • Expensive at the price of 2712 INR
  • Limited availabitility due to limited edition item


Its a must have. Never did any brand come out with a product so futuristic, versatile and user friendly. I am sure they will launch illuminating gelees in different colors coming soon. All thanks to Tom Pecheux and the amazing Estee Lauder team.


This product has been purchased by me and there is no influence on this product review from any where. The photos of mine are just for illustration purposes and a copyright of Beauty Traveller. Kindly do not use any content of the blog without prior permission. I do not accept ANONYMOUS comments and hate comments so in case this review bothers you, please skip and jump to the next topic or next blog, anything to soothe or relax the tensed nerves.

Hope you enjoyed this small review. Shall be reviewing a lot of products soon. Just looking for a pattern or a writing style that is not cliched.

Till then,


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  1. I quite liked the concept and loved it! In India we get such bad chunky highlighters, no where we get a product like this! Nice detailed review!

    1. Thank u so much! they have a huge range coming in this along with more highlighters and bronzers and also eyeshadows called Cyber eyes.........stay tuned!

  2. i cant tell u how much m liking i actually feel like burrowing my finger into itjust t c hoqw soft it is :)

    1. LOL! The highlighter is really nice...when u will see it...u might just eat it instead!

  3. i think this is the shade i have been looking for. It looks amazing and thanks for sharing it's use. I was waiting for your review. Is it still available in stores??

    1. OMG...I should have reviewed it a bit earlier then...U can call up Estee store on 022-43473773 to ask about it!

  4. NEERAJJJJ i cant thank you enough for the review and for making me buy this ... nooooo you didnt forced me just suggest me and you knbow how much i trust your suggestions :D
    only i know how hard it was to spend 2700 on this but like you said soooooo worth it :D
    thank you million timesssss for the detailed review , am keeping not of your each and every word and will make use of the highlighter properly :D again thank you for this .. am running short of words now :(

    1. Thanks a lot! I am so happy u liked the review!

  5. Such a pretty little thing it is! looks awesome!

  6. we dont get any highlighters is india at all! atleast i wont call the stuff that we get as highlighters ! very pretty

    1. true...not the huge collection that they have abroad!

  7. This sounds delicious! I never thought it would be so lovely in consistency and texture. I think I need this in my life! And I completely agree that this highlighter gets overshadowed by Dior Amber Diamond and NARS Albatross.


    1. Thanks a lot for your inputs! This is an amazing product and should be kept in a museum!

  8. Hey! I bought this from the US and thought this will never get here since it was sold out almost immediately over there. Have been using it for the last 6 months now. Absoultely love it. I also got the Laura Mercier Rose Randevouz highlighter and realised only once i saw both tht they are exactly the same. Wish I had just picked one.

    1. Oh ok. Thanks a lot for sharing. Please do not post in 'anonymous' or if you do please mention your name.


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