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L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow review...........

Gone are the days when there was time to dress up like a boudoir, or when women had a lot of time to look after themselves. In today's busy world everyone including makeup artists have to look for faster solutions to look glamorous. L'Oreal answered that difficult question by releasing a platter of lovely eyeshadows that are not only long lasting and water proof but also incredibly easy to apply and they promise not to budge.

Presenting the L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows.............I got 3 colors (would be buying all of them sooner or later) Forever Pink, Hourglass Beige and All Night blue...

Formulated to stay longer, these silicone based eyeshadows are no less than genius. I would call them an affordable replica to Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill eyeshadows, with almost the same effect but less complexity of the former. Giorgio Armani loooks expensive in packaging and quite complex shade wise and these colors look like a cheap substitute for those who can afford.

They are proven to last for 24 hrs which I did not try out but till the time I tried it did a wonderful job. I had the honor to apply Hourglass Beige on Avantika Mallik with a touch of Forever Pink as well (but I guess I havent mentioned that). What I don't like about L'Oreal is that they sometime treat us differently and unfairly compared to their American counterparts who get a lot more products to enjoy. (L'Oreal didn't even bother to launch HIP in India).

The Infallible eyeshadows come in a plastic casing with silver imprints and details about the company et al. The plastic casing is unboxed and can be a bit tacky to look at, but at the price of 450 INR one cannot expect miracles. 
The texture of these eyeshadows is mentioned as 'loosely bound pigments' which means there are certain binding agents but the eyeshadow is not pressed. To keep the product from running hither thither, the company has provided a plastic guard which presses upon the color to hold the loose pigments. That was very thoughtful, smart and futuristic idea of packaging pigments in order to save spillage et al.
The eyeshadows are extremely easy to carry and come in a wide array of shades out of which I will be mentioning the three below. 

I have purpose taken the images in a lower light exposure to show the true color inspite of the flash. You can see how brilliantly it swatches in just one swipe.

So let's see some details about each color and some looks I did exclusively with these colors.....


Forever pink is a soft creamy powdery textured light pink with gold and lilac pearl. With the pearlized pigments, this shadow gets an incredibly unique 3 Dimensional effect. It does not translate as 'pink' as the shade is mentioned but goes a bit on the golden coral peachy side. The lilac pigments are not as profound as the golden beige ones and can be seen only to the naked eye in certain lights. Though not very visible, the do add a sense of complexity to the shade making it a must have mid tone or highlighter shadow. I did use it as a cheek highlighter and it looked pretty beautiful.


This looks like the glistening sand taken from the deserts of Arabia. The shine and the pearl is soft bony beige color with neutral ivory colored pigments that run slightly towards the warmer side. In all the lights I saw this color translated as an ivory beige shimmer with the same softness and texture of all the three shadows.
This color is also versatile and can look different on different skin colors shining from ivory white to warm white gold as is the perfect highlighter for brow bones and inner corners of the eyes. The color made me remember a sheerer toned blush from MAC called Gana which renders the same effects that are 100 times subtle compared to the strong pigments of this eyeshadow.


This is a classic midnight shimmery blue and even after having various versions of this color already in my kit, I fell for it. Just for the texture and nothing else. Its quite an intense royal blue that is dispersed with black pigments to add depth. I still found the shade luminous and gorgeous.

  • Versatile
  • Easy and quick application
  • Glam look  in couple of minutes
  • Does not smudge or budge (even without eyeshadow primer)
  • Can be used as highlights or low lights over or under any shadows
  • Can create sensational effects in any lights and are extremely photography friendly
No BAD POINTS per se as L'Oreal nailed it with this product. Just hope they launch many more colors in the near future (even if they are limited editions).


  • Using fingers. The warmth of the fingers helps disperse the pigments better and also helps packing the eyeshadow evenly on the eyes. Its just the lack of control over application can lead to extra color on the lids. Plus it can be a bit unhygienic to dip in fingers into the pot.
  • Using sponge tipped brush. It really didnt work for me and I felt like I was scraping the pigments. There were some fallouts using this applicator.
  • With a soft flat brush. I found this method the best as the color could be loaded and smoothed upon easily to get the desired intensity.



I have used Loreal Infallible eyeshadow in Forever pink on the entire lid. I have subtly highlighted the inner corners and the brow bone with a smidgen of Hourglass beige. On the lower lids, outer corners and the crease, I have contoured with contouring colors from the BH cosmetics 28 neutral eyeshadow palette for an incredibly soft finish. I have lined the inner rims with Bourjois Khol and Contour in Noir Expressif and curled the lashes and applied 4-5 coats of Revlon Custom eyes mascara to volumize and define.


I primed the lids with  Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer. Then applied the All Night blue eyeshadow on the entire lid upto the crease. I added Urban Decay Blackout on the outer corners and the crease to add depth. Highlighted the brow bone and the heights of the cheeks with Forever Pink and applied Hourglass Beige in the inner corners. Lined the eyes with Lancome Eye pencil and applied Christian Dior New look mascara on curled lashes.

I hope you enjoyed a detailed review. Shall be posting more of such review chronicles soon. Please comment so that I know whether I am going in the right direction.

Till then,


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  1. Hi...nice review, I had been eyeing All Night Blue since many days....Now I will definitely get them!!!

    1. its a lovely color....u must pick it up!!

    2. I was contemplating buying All night blue coz I have a similar blue eyeshadow & I am trying to stop all the splurging on cosmetics. Here I am now planning to buy all 3 of them now...haha. Like ur review.

    3. I was contemplating buyin All night Blue coz I have 2 similar eyeshadows and wanted to stop splurging on cosmetics. After reading the post here I am now plannin to buy all 3. Good Review Neeraj.

  2. I really loved these shadows a lot!!!! I have got this in three shades- eternal black, burning black, endless chocolate, these are soooo long lasting and good! I am eyeing all night blue and that khaki shade!

    1. those r lovely me,i'm buying them all!!

  3. lovely shades..n u hav done magic with them..:)

  4. Love the detailed review and you are right some of these cosmetic companies fail to launch some very important ranges and colours in India when they have a good client base here. It sucks!

    1. thank u sooooo much! i'm sure they r reading our comments!

  5. BANG ON REVIEW.. Love the eye make up and how very well it suits u!

    the blue and pink is my fav! jus brightens up ur eyes!

    1. thank u so much! so true that they brighten up the eyes!

  6. I love these a lot too :)
    If you haven't yet already, get flashback silver -beautiful colour!!

    1. Oh I am buying all of them sooner or later! They r just amazing!


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