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Naked Strangers Inspired!!

This is an inspirational post with sources taken from the Illamasqua's Summer collection called Naked Strangers.I know there are variants and the model does look different when she gives a side pose, but I have considered the picture shown below.
For the entire post on Illamasqua's Naked Strangers please click here.
This look can get as bold as you want and it will still have a glamorous charm.

This look is an easy smokey eye and can be applied in varied intensities as per required.
So lets see how to do this look..................................................

Conceal the under eye area and use a primer to keep the shadows put.

Use the concealer lightly so that you can re-conceal again after the shadow fall outs. Alternately you could also use shadow shields underneath.

Lighten the eye brows with a light beige eyeshadow. I have used Too Faced eyeshadow in Velvet Revolver (cant find a source that would ship this eyeshadow to India) and then set the brows with a brow gel.

Apply Boujois Khol and Contour eye pencil in Noir Expert on the lids in a haphazard manner. You dont have to draw perfect lines as this is going to be smudged.

Apply the pencil on the lower lids. Then smudge the lines to create a soft smokey effect. Also apply it in such   a manner that the eye shape looks like an almond shape.

To seal the pencil apply a jet midnight black eyeshadow. I used Urban Decay Blackout eyeshadow but also suggest Bourjois Intense eyeshadow Extrait no.10  or Illamasqua Obsidian (which I would buy one day). Though MAC Carbon is everyone's favorite I do not like for its gritty texture and uneven coverage.

Do the same to the lower lids as well. You can see the major fallouts but do not worry. Makeup may need a precision of a Neuro surgeon but is not as irreversible as the surgery itself. Everything can be rubbed and wiped and so can a black eyeshadow be. Also apply MAC pigment in Naked on the brow bone.

Clean with a micellar water like Vichy Purete Thermale Eau Micellaire Cleansing solution and then apply an illuminating concealer as shown in the image. I used Bourjois Illuminating Brush concealer as it has amazing reflectivity.

To intensify the look further apply NYX Slide on pencil in Jet Black in the inner rims. This is available at Beauty Centre and I do not know of any exclusive online store that retails this fantabulous pencil. Other option is Revlon One Stroke Defining Liner in Blackest Black.

Apply MAC Golden Lemon pigment in the inner corners and let some of the flecks discreetly fall on the black to enliven it. To intensify the application I have used my favorite Illamasqua Sealing Gel which does an amazing job in keeping the shadow in place.

Curl the lashes and apply several coats of Revlon Custom Eyes mascara for dramatic results. To go OTT you can also used false lashes.

Since this is an inspiration post, I wont be writing the other products used. 
For the cheeks apply a soft rust colored blush to contour the cheeks and go bright antique gold on the lips to create the Illamasqua look. For any subtleties go with a soft peachy gold sparkle on the cheeks and apply a shimmery lipgloss on the same lines.

Do let me know how did you find this look?

Till then,


PS - Would be doing the other variant of the look soon. So keep reading and support.

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  1. Great interpretation and very well explained! for people like me who are not very confortable doing eye makeup, and the neuro sergeon example was very encouraging :). I was going to buy Carbon, but now will buy Bourjois one!

    1. Thanks a lot Shivangi. You can also try Illamasqua's Obsidian coz its really soft and jet black!

  2. wow! awesome. the last picture just takes the cake.

  3. OMG Such a great job! the way you smudged the khol and used black shadow, looks so flawless, gr8888 work! I like bourjois 10 too!

    1. Thanks a lot Manya...SO happy u liked the look!

  4. the amazing way to express yourself!

    1. Thanks a lot Clara. Do share your look with us if u happen to do one!

  5. truly stunningggggg Neeraj :D :D absolutely wow i must say :D i liked your version more

    1. thanks a lot Rashmi...Doing another version of the look as well...coming soon!


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