Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Duets - Steal the teal!!

I always wanted to do a 'teal' liner. Eyes the ones from Chambor but somehow never bought them. Always thought that they were too dark and stark for brown eyes and it would not brighten the eyes and never bought them.
While perusing through NYX retractable pencils and slide on liners, I came across the shimmery bright teal that I always wanted and quickly picked up this color.

Its like creating a solo post with 'Teal' liner as the main focus of the look. Btw this is one of the second last summer duets that I will be doing till the end of June.
If you have beautiful brown, hazel or ebony eyes, this is the color for you. It enhances the eyes giving it a 'Power eye' effect and the contrasting inky black lashes can awaken any complexion. So this is a must try product as the pencil did last (when I used it on a model the other day).

Lets see how to do this look.....

Please note a new feature in the forthcoming posts. If I feature any product that I have used in the makeup post and if I can find it online, then I will provide a link to the product. Please remember it is not an affiliate link and completely put at my discretion, so feel free to click on it and have a look. Mostly these links will be Indian or International shipping sites unless specified.

Start with priming the lid with an eyeshadow primer. I have applied a bit of Benefit Hoola bronzer to define the crease. This keeps the duo eyeshadow theme alive. 

Getting Tom Pecheux's idea of a brighter brow using a bronze gold color, I applied MAC Buckwheat in the brow to fill it. You can use a darker or a lighter color according to your taste but see that they have a bit of shimmer in order to add some drama. Do not add frosted colors in the brows btw.

Apply Stila Kitten eyeshadow over the entire lid with a fluffy large eyeshadow brush. Add some more color on the lid to create an iced peach effect. 

With a pencil brush, also apply Stila Kitten on the lower lash line for an eye brightening effect.

Apply Illamasqua eyeshadow in Burst on the outer corners and the crease. Blend it lightly into the bronzer to create a subtle definition.

Apply Illamasqua Burst on the lower outer half and smoke it out to create a halo of blue teal on the outer corners.

Trace the lash line with NYX Retractable Eye liner in Gypsy Blue. Apply starting with a thin line from the inner corners and make it thicker towards the ends while flicking it out to make a wing.

Trace the inner rims of the lower lids with the same color. Join the lines at the inner and outer corners to create a beautiful doe eyed effect but with a teal and not black.

Curl the lashes with Shiseido Eye lash curler and apply several coats of Edward Bess Bess lash mascara in Black.

This is the finished look. I prefer to simply add some radiant shine on the cheeks and a slick of soft shine on the lips. Instead of opting for a peach or pink my suggestion is beige brown. This keeps the rest of the face monochromatic and adds high impact to the eye makeup.

  • Clarins Instant Smooth Perfect Touch Primer
  • Clinique Superbalanced Makeup here
  • Clinique All About Eyes concealer here
  • Clinique Blended Face Powder here
  • Christian Dior Diorblush glowing powder in Sugar N Spice here
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer here
  • Stila Kitten eyeshadow here
  • Illamasqua Eyeshadow in Burst (From Human Fundamentalism collection) here
  • NYX Retractable liner in Gypsy Blue here
  • MAC eyeshadow in Buckwheat
  • Shiseido Eye lash curler
  • Edward Bess Bess Lash Mascara in Black here
  • Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect lipstick in Perfect Praline here
Hope you liked the look. Please do let me know if you liked this idea of providing links. I would only be able to continue if I get a feedback from you as this process is time consuming.

Till then,


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  1. Hi Neeraj... you know what I like the most about your looks?? I love the way you add drama to a rather simple look. If you had not done the eyeliner the way here, it would have been just another simple look. Loved it.

    Neeraj, me liked the idea of putting up the link. It saves 'our' energy to google the stuff you have used for your looks. ;-) :-) So, pleaseee continue putting up the links of the products. :-)

    1. Thanks a lot Eesha! Ur comments are so encouraging.Thanks a lot!

  2. Oh! I so loved this look! LOVE!!!! Doc, need some help! I have dark circles, please help me finding a good concealer, I dont want an ashy look. Please suggest me your fav. concealer available in India?

    And do u know of any dupe of Stilla Kitten eyeshadow available here?in MAC?


    1. i love Clinique All About eyes concealer a lot and u'll see that in most of my posts. After that finishes I would continue with another fav which is Shiseido Natural Finish Cream concealer...Its long lasting and adjusts color according to ur skin color.
      Thanks a lot for the comment.
      I wud recommend Naked Lunch or Shroom as Kitten Dupe but not exactly the same! Honey lust is bit too honey toned!

  3. a lovely twist on teal.. ;) ;)


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