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The Mascara Magic : Clinique High Impact Mascara in Brightening Black

For those who know me or have read my blog for quite a while may recollect my love for Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black. The time has come to renounce my love for this mascara again but in a better way by buying a color not known to the Indian markets (from Clinique of course).

Although this mascara was launched a while ago and lovely Pixiwoos have it, it hit Indian shores a bit tardily and I managed to pick up mine without seeing it or giving it another thought. This mascara is BRIGHTENING BLACK.

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Clinique High Impact Mascaras are one of their best selling mascaras and the reason is amplified voluminous lashes that look super sexy and all this only in one coat. The mascara is rich black and pigmented enough to make each lash look nicer and denser. 

Lets see what Clinique has to say about their unsung hero : -

High Impact Mascara is a multi-benefit mascara that adds maximum volume with definition and length. Specially developed brush and formula work together to dramatically thicken lashes while separating. 


With a long list of contents mentioned on the crimp one can see some known names that help in creating high impact volume. All said above, the formula is wet and gel like and coats every lash without much hassle. Its not too wet to weigh down the lashes nor too dry to make them appear brittle.

Due to the lash conditioners present in the mascara formulation it does not make lashes appear stiff and heavy (until you overload the mascara). The wheat proteins help maintain a natural curl for the lashes while minerals and silicones help amplify the volume of the lashes.
Ultimately this 100% Allergy Tested, Fragrance Free and Dermatologist Developed - Ophthalmologist tested mascara gives perfect looking lashes with volume, curl and length. (you will see in the Before and After pictures).

BRIGHTENING BLACK is not your average jet black mascara. Instead it is a black mascara with navy blue nuances that can be subtly visible to a trained human eye. Although it translates as a lovely black on the lashes it does make my brown irises appear brown-er and does add subtle brightness to the eye makeup.

The formula is washable and not at all water resistant. A sneeze can get the mascara make you get raccoon eyes, so be careful. It surprisingly cleans well and does not leave any residual stains in the under eye area.


With all the colorful chartreuse green packaging and printed matter on the mascara case, the tube has a luxe jungle-green color. Although certain editions have a silver colored cap, this one has a deep green one. When seen in the sunlight you can see sparkles on the mascara tube which makes it a shimmery jungle green tube. I always wished I had an eyeshadow in this color until MAC's pigment in Blue-Green came in.


High Impact mascaras is in the genre of those mascaras that have larger wands. I would call it as a fairly large wand as it is smaller than Revlon Grow Luscious mascara and MAC Opulash mascara wands. It slightly bigger than Bourjois Volume Glamour Mascara wand and denser too.

The wand is made up of small nylon bristles that are softer (feels like Taklon) and do not have pointed edges. Unfortunately this is a mascara wand that is emulated everywhere and nothing so significantly great about it. Although its a decent wand to coat each lash and make it thicker, its hard to reach in the tiny corners and does not escape without an accident.

To make application easier, here's a trick I share with my clients who used this mascara. Bend the wand in an angle of 20-30 degrees and the mascara wand gets the power to be a hard core mascara.

This is the wand. If you can appreciate the navy blue tinged black gel mascara formulation then you are a winner.



I have concealed under eyes with Clinique All About Eyes concealer in  05 Medium Beige. The yellowness of the concealer helps camouflage dark circles and under eye cream benefits allow it to hydrate and make the are smooth and protect the delicate under eye area.


To stick to the firm belief of creating voluminous lashes in one coat, I have applied just a single coat in both pictures (top coat and base coat for upper lashes) and this is the result. It does look like a typical jet black mascara but you would see the difference when you  see your eyes in person. The navy blue tinge peeps through the black delicately and gives a feeling of wet looking luscious lashes.

For the NIGHT TIME EVENING LOOK, I used Glamazon and Skinny Dip eyeshadows from Too Faced Insurance Policy Palette and L'Oreal All By Night Infallible eyeshadow. Again here I have applied just one coat. 

Clinique High Impact Mascara in Brightening Black is a limited edition mascara and sells in selected counters of Clinique all over India until stock lasts for 1350 INR. I bought mine from the Palladium Store and the staff there is uber-helpful.

Hope you liked this mascara. In case you have any queries please drop them in the comments section with your name.

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  1. This looks realy interesting! I had used one before, don remember the name and loved the formula! wanna try this too!

    1. This is a wonderful formulation! high impact mascara is my most favorite all rounder mascara from Clinique only to be equaled by their Curling version!
      DO get a demo of it!

  2. Do they have a purple or burgundy tinged black mascara?

    1. Not that I know of..I wish they did them though!

  3. is this mascara water based I am looking for a oil free mascara?

    1. as i know, this mascara was a limited edition.But yes, Clinique does make gel based mascaras like the high impact mascara in black

  4. Hi, do you have any idea if Clinique makeup products can be used by persons with nickel allergy? I was diagnosed with nickel allergy and my eyes get puffy if I use most of my makeup products. Thanks!


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