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The Mascara Magic - Deborah Absolute Hi-Tech mascara

This July and August is going to be the months of mascaras and their applications and all. I always yearned to do such posts but was never inspired that much until I got a lot of mascaras to review and thought let me follow the works and get inspired from Clumps of Mascara. She writes these amazing mascara reviews and is my go-to site when I need to know about any mascara out there.

Today I am featuring a brand new mascara (which is also reviewed by the amazing lady Bhumika here and has elaborated it really well) which I bought from Jabong. I always wanted to buy a product from Deborah Milano since its making raves all over the country and nothing's better than starting the brand with my favorite product - mascara.

So lets have a look at what this mascara is and how to get your favorite Day to Night Look....

Deborah cosmetics is known for their Italian heritage of making cutting edge products that suit to our daily needs (as makeup users and makeup artists) and deliver this fine carefully tailored line of makeup which depicts the high fashion sense Italy is known for. Milan is the capital of modern fashion and Deborah cosmetics is one of their representatives in India.

Lets see what they have to say about the Absolute Hi Tech mascara.....

New Absolute Hi-Tech Mascara – with a ground breaking patented applicator*. With a revolutionary formula featuring 3D DH Complex for three-dimensional performance and lashes with unrivalled volume, length and definition. The ring-tip applicator captures each and every lash for high-precision results. Enriched with Triple Carbon Black DH Complex for dramatically pure colour, and lash-strengthening Kerastim.


It does not come luxuriously packaged in a box or something but Jabong people were nice enough to send it in a bubble wrap. This is something that happens in India where products are available without boxes but I am sure it has something to do with the import and customs (which is terrible in India unfortunately).
The sleek champagne gold lustrous tube itself spells MODERN and looks quite plush when I see it in my makeup pouch. It has these funny curves which makes holding the mascara quite properly without it slipping from the hand.

Though the material is some sort of plastic, it looks rich and different. The wand is also made of plastic and is carefully constructed (although machine made).

(This picture is taken by me in hi-resolution and somehow I have never been able to capture the mascara wand so well. Its Samsung Ixus 220 HS btw which I hate but have no choice to use.)


Generally wands are either spoolies of Nylon or combs made up of plastic (pokey ones) or rubber ( could be latex or any complex material I am unknown too). When Deborah claims a patent for this want, the construction makes it quite exclusive and unique. This is the fabulous part of the mascara though. 50% contribution is of the wand for its ease to apply the product while the other 50% is of the formula to be true to what it says.

To me the brush looks like a Neuron (a cell from the Brain) although pardon me for the weird simile I mentioned. It is made up of 24 rings arranged spirally to get them reaching every nook and corner of the tiniest lashes on the ends and amplify them.

The wand is smart enough to catch each lash carefully and do its job. Although I must say that the mascara does well if you build up the lashes and this is not a fast-n-furious kind of mascara where you one swipe gives you desired results. Its more of a Boudoir style mascara where you have to sit down and comb through your lashes until you get the final result. But this is what I loved as it can be buildable and one can adjust the required intensity of the lashes (especially for a makeup artist)


The company claims that the mascara to be lengthening, curling and volumizing all in one product. And trust me it does. The formula is a jet black colored liquidy gel which is not very runny or drying at the same time. I will try my best to find the ingredient list, but I am sure it has to have some kind of proteins and nylon fibers for lengthening and curling. The company quotes it to be free of silicones and petrochemical ingredients but I am not aware of any since I dont have any source for the ingredient list.

The color is not as jet black as the mascaras that we get from other brands, but when layered the effect is quite dark and stunning. The formula may not be water proof but it is water resistant and specifically tear resistant (you can imagine me applying the mascara and not being in tears) but can be easily wiped off with a makeup cleanser. This is what I felt after using 4 coats of mascara that....
  • 1st coat - Build the length of the lash from root to tip and creates a primer like effect for the other layers to cling on it.
  • 2nd coat - Fairly adds curl and makes the roots smart and thick but not particularly volumizes.
  • 3rd coat - Adds quite a thick effect while separating each lash and making it long, curled and thick.
  • 4th coat - gives you volume.
I prefer to have a gap of atleast 30 secs between each coat to judge the effect. What you see in the images below are the results of what I actually thought of and did.
For most of the mascara reviews, I will be showing a day wear look that transitions into an evening wear look wherever possible. This will gives the reader an idea of how to manipulate mascaras to fit in to specific needs and get the best results out of them without cribbing and crying over a mascara product. (most reviews of mascaras performing bad are subjective and after getting amazing results from mascaras that were claimed to be the worst I can always say so.)

These are my lashes without a mascara. They are quite thin and scanty and need some work to be done on them. I have applied MAC Studio finish concealer in NW 30 to counteract under eye darkness and prepped the lids with Too Faced Eyeshadow Primer.

This is what you get in 2 coats. The lashes are considerably darkened and lengthened. It gives the effect of a tinted mascara. The eyeshadows I have used are from Stila Classic Palette.

This is the DAY look that one can achieve with this mascara. You can appreciate how amazing my lower lashes look like. This mascara is good purchase for a day to night transformation thanks to its controlled product built up technology.

This is after 4 coats and waiting for sometime in between to add layers. The mascara beautifully glides to through each lash without clumping. The lashes may stick to each other and one may need to use a lash comb to separate them but I didnt need any.

This is the NIGHT look (If you like it, then I could do a tutorial on it)

To sum up,

Deborah Milano's Absolute High Tech Mascara is a gem of mascara with a wonderful amalgamation of technology and friendly ingredients. With the right amount of patience, one can easily achieve the results the brand claims and its one mascara that I would love all the time. Think Boudoir style mascara application and then there is this drug store mascara that does it for you. I appreciate the care that has gone through the manufacturing of this patented wand and how fantastically it delivers the anticipated results.Priced at 575 INR (plus free India shipping from Jabong) its a lovely mascara to buy.
My  experience with Jabong -

  • The product arrived really fast and I really appreciate the prompt service.
  • The customer care person was really friendly and helpful ( as I had to change the contact details before they dropped in the parcel).
  • They were keen to know the experience but I guess blogging made it easier, elaborate and effective.

For further details please click here.

Hope you liked this detailed mascara review. Shall be doing some more coming soon.

Till then,


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  1. oh wow! the mascara looks amazing! great review neeraj and amazing pics!

    1. Thanks a lot. So happy to hear from u after long. Since I don't work in Clinique so my social life is a bit restricted and not happening in Palladium side. Hope you are doing good.

  2. the wand looks interesting..u really gave a perfectly detailed review :)

  3. the wand looks interesting..u gave a perfectly detailed review :)

    1. Thanks a lot Bidisha. I'm so happy u liked it.

  4. Loved the detailed review Doc. :) the wand does seem interesting.
    Will keep this in mind when i need a new mascara.

    1. Thanks Jyotirupa. This is a perfect mascara to build up the lashes. The wand is very interesting.

  5. what a stunning mascara it is Neeraj going to pick this soon :d
    and i need a tutorial on night look pretty please :d :D .... neerajjj when will i learn to apply mascara nicely .. if not great

    1. Thanks a lot Rashmi. U will like this mascara plus it does not weigh on the pocket. U must have the patience to build up the volume though.
      Will do the day to night tut the next.

  6. Amazingggg post and review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Agree with Bidisha...the wand looks interesting!!! I love mascaras.Its my favourite too :)
    I am gonna try this one next.

    1. Thanks Ray. I'm sure u will love the other posts too.

  8. Hi Dr, long time reader commenting for the first time. Love the review. Mascaras have become my favourite makeup products..I spend hours trying to get my lashes to look perfect ;) I've ordered thrice from jabong. The first two times were amazing. The 3rd time, they sent me a washable mascara instead of the waterproof one mentioned on their site and when I called customer service to ask them to exchange it, they kept denying it and claiming that they'd sent the right product. That pissed me off and I stopped ordering from there.

    1. The mascara is really nice and since u love mascaras I'm sure u'll love all the more that come in.
      So sorry to hear what happened with ur shopping experience.

    2. Yes, looking forward to all the Mascara-related posts.

  9. Hey Thanks for the link :) I love the brush..and ya even my cam could not get the catch the correct shape..but its so different and I love the effect too :)

    1. Thanks a lot Bhumika. Actually I read ur review n got the mascara so felt like mentioning.
      My camera did a miracle by capturing the brush so well actually (got some hints from a photographer friend). Its a mascara that I will buy again for sure.

  10. Nice review.. doc! love the separated lashes so neat lenghty n volumous .. i will get this once i finish my maybelline one :D

    1. Thabks a lot Erica. I'm so happy u liked it. Its a lovely mascara n u shud try it.

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