Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Makeup Files!!

With the rains not happening this monsoon season, it feels pointless to even talk about beauty and makeup. I am following my summer skin care regimen and by the grace of Almighty nothing has gone wrong or been disastrous. In the meanwhile I wanted to open up the amazing month of August with some beautiful makeup inspirations taken from Fashion and Beauty.

These are some things I am liking this month and want to rave about it as much as I can....

  • My friends and closest comrades might know this. But I am declaring to all now. I did an amazing haul from Rimmel London (thanks to my wonderful friend in the beauty industry) and was able to grab some products that I loved. For the unawares, Rimmel London a cult favorite UK brand is on its way to India and would be distributed and hitting the counters and malls soon. They have some amazing products and I managed to find some lovely mascaras, 24 hr lasting foundations, lasting finish lipsticks and a makeup remover. 
  • I found out a makeup haven on the urban plush streets of Bandra named BEAUTIFUL. Ironically the whole world knew about it except me and I had to rely on the smartness of my friend to get into it. He sells an amazing melange of so many international brands. If you are loathing about the unavailability of any brand in India, you may contact this guy.
  • This season I look at colors on eyes like steel blue, lilac, grey and rose gold. I know the last one sounds a bit out of the place, but that is what makeup is about. I will be using this combination soon in one of the posts or in different posts to show you what I am talking about.
  • I am planning to buy the new Chanel Illusion D'Ombre eyeshadow in Riviere from the Fleur-de-lotus collection of Chanel featured here. I am not so fond of anything else from new launches of Chanel but in case if I find something else that would be a bonus point. Being an overtly priced and less hyped brand that Chanel is, I am on my way to pick up their Soleil de tan bronzer for my kit all thanks to Lisa Eldridge. What a life changing product that is and I realized its importance when I saw the metamorphosis and the warmth that was created in my yellow toned Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24 hour wear and comfort foundation.
  • My friend got the most stunning Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale White serum and I am really excited to know how it works. Its on the pinnacle of luxury when it comes to skin care and I am sure it does deliver amazing results. At Guerlain counter in Malad Shoppers stop I also perused through some amazing eyeshadow quads that they launched and also their new collection featuring the eminent designer Emilio Pucci for Guerlain limited edition products. The indigo kajal is to die for and to make it even more unique they have launched a blue colored gloss which is sheer and translucent but blue.
  • A subtle entry in the world of beauty is Clinique's Even Better concealer for hiding pigmentation and dark circles. With a breakthrough technology in inventing the most amazing eye products, I hope this concealer would stand up to my expectations. I am already on my way to get mine and hope to review it sometime. I do own their Even Better Foundation in no.06 but have found a newer and better friend in their no.16 foundation which is recently launched in India. 
  • I am the only one who is crying and ranting about Clarins not launching any makeup in India recently until I got a ray of hope from an insider birdie who released the news of them getting some awesome products soon. Will post them too...LOL.
And now here are some makeup inspirations all courtesy to I must say that now fashion is getting trendier with emphasis on natural adornments on beauty and makeup. One has to really step aside to create avantegarde and dramatic looks and be out of the fashion flow, so I would be aware of those kinds of makeup and keep them only to certain posts.

Chanel Fall 2012 Couture

Lindsey Wixson for Chanel Couture Fall 2012

Christian Dior Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Christian Dior Fall 2012 with Constance Jablonski

Emilio Pucci Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Magdalena Frackowiak for Emilio Pucci 2012 fall

and the last and most beautifully inspiring one...........

Roberto Cavalli Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Kasia Struss for Roberto Cavalli fall 2012..................

I hope you liked this post!

Till then,


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  1. Neeraj, a power packed and wealth of information in this post. I truly enjoyed reading every single bit of what you've written. And AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAieeeeee!! that's me screaming about knowing from you about the Rimmel brand launch here aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! am so excited. yaaaay yaaay! just wished they had launched a month earlier, just bought too much makeup for a function and was stumped that we don't get all the good stuff here compared to our foreign counterparts. tc :)

    1. Im so happy myself that Rimmel came in..I got a lipstick called heart breaker reviewed by Eesha n a nude warm caramel called Birthday suit!!
      Will get more asap too!!

    2. that's awesome, Neeraj :) sound like wonderful shades. can't wait to get my hands on them.


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