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Beauty Explorer - Product Watch

Its been a long time that I haven't updated the Beauty Explorer Section. Today instead of a question or a poll, I would be talking about some products from the skin care line (new and old launches) that I am sampling and would decide soon whether to buy them or not.
These products would be a part of my skin care regimen and may be an addition or a substitute for the current skin care regimen I have been doing. As a cosmetologist and a makeup artist, I get to use and sample some really amazing products and this gives me an idea of what I should use for myself and my clients. It could be from department brands, mass brands or even pharmacy brands and I don't really divide them into those categories. For me what product works, works and what doesn't, I don't bother to talk about it instead of writing hate comments and all.

Since past few weeks as my older skin care products were getting over I was on a hunt to sample some really nice products out there and although I refrain from doing skin care posts (since we all don't have the same skin types) I will do something that may entertain my readers who have a combination-oil-acne-prone skin like mine.

So lets see what am I exactly talking about..............

Some pointers to Remember if you have OILY skin -
  • Moisturize - Don't get me wrong. Even oily skin needs moisture but it doesn't need excess oil (I will contradict this statement in the article, myself.LOL) or any agents that can clog pores et al or increase oil production. So choose an oil free moisturizer and preferably apply a sunscreen separately over it or else your preference. When moisturized the skin secretes less oil as it gets signals of the moisture being retained.
  • Do not scrub too much or too frequent - Our skin especially when is oily is like a naughty boy. It does things that its not supposed to do. So when you scrub with physical granules it actually stimulates the oil glands to produce even more oil when used harshly. Instead one should scrub gently enough to exfoliate surface dead skin and not have a war with your skin. Frequent scrubbing can deplete the skin of its natural oils giving you a tightening sensation after the ritual but eventually you will see a thicker oil film on the face after a couple of hours and even larger pores.
  • All AHA and BHA products are not skin friendly. In less percentages they do work but can be very drying when used in higher concentrations leading to production of a lot more of oil. The good thing is at least they have some anti-bacterial action and keep the sebum (aka oil) in its liquid state.
  • Do not hate your PORES - they enlarge and diminish in size with respect to a variety of factors. The idea is to keep the pores unclogged and not attempt to close them.
I am sure there are a lot of smart people who know these things so let me move on to the segment of skin care sampling and what I found good.

  • Elizabeth Arden Intervene Radiance Boosting Moisture Lotion SPF 15 

I saw this in the mall and it looks like its a new addition to the already famous and beautifully developed Intervene range of EA. The 'radiance boosting' words immediately got added to my cosmetic jargon and I liked the fact that this product is tremendously good for my skin. Its lightweight, supposedly oil free (not read in the description) and helps boosts skin's radiance while fighting environmental damage.At a price of 2000 + and futuristic packaging, its a product that won my heart and made my eyes pop. I will review it as soon as I buy it.

  • Clarins Treatment oil in Lotus for Oily skin

Here's the contradiction to what I said earlier. This is a face treatment Oil for Oily skin and contains essential oils from Rosebud, Geranium and Lotus to get a refined clear skin and curb over production of sebum. I must say that the sampled products gave me 2 big fat acne on my cheeks but I don't blame the oil completely. When spoken to my Clarins friend, I realized that it was about cleaning the skin from within and I must say it makes me feel really supple in the morning next day. Since its a night treatment and its aromatherapy, I am still going to sample a couple more time before buying the full size, just to be on the safer side of regrets. 

  • Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer

I have been bragging about this product quite a while with words like 'radiance' and 'anti-oxidants' and all but haven't still purchased it. Waiting for a lottery so that I can buy all the products I wanted. This night cream will or may replace my Youth Surge Age Decelerating Moisturizer for comb-oily skin although I may have second thoughts on buying the EA Intervene Night Cream which I have already finished with 2 bottles.

  • La Prairie Anti Ageing Emulsion SPF 30

I am shamelessly saying this, that I am buying this 11K worth product in sometime. Its got the most incredible texture and I went gaga over it when I saw it. This is what could be a product that would actually exceed the costs of the other products added together. But still for getting a brightened glowing skin I wouldn't mind taking a step further. Its a risk for that amount of money but I am ready to take it, hopefully. Shall definitely review this if it falls in my hands.

These are some products that I am eyeing on right now. The purchases and a few inter brand camaraderie would get me something more to sample as well. And this shall be added in the next Beauty Explorer post.
Will keep updated whenever I get some of the above mentioned products and La Prairie would be a cherry on the cake.

Hope you like these pop up Beauty Explorer Posts.

Till then,


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