Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beauty Explorer : Product Watch

With Beauty Explorer, I am able to unfold a lot of discoveries that I make on some of those wonderful beauty trips I have with my partner in beauty crime and of course the Beauty Traveller. In the product watch section, I like to tell about some lovely stuff that I saw and that I should share with my wonderful readers. Beauty Explorer is a great way to update on beauty and on what's coming soon!!
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  • Rimmel London has finally come down to India and opened their counters in the PARCOS stores of Infinity-2 and Vashi in Mumbai. They have a fantastic collection of some amazing products and is worth try at the fair price that they are offering.
  • Max Factor has launched their NEW mascara called False Lash Effect Mascara 24 hrs lasting. This maybe a direct dupe of their Covergirl's version of LashBlast but since Covergirl is not available in India and Max Factor is withdrawn from USA, its ok to get this mascara. I will review it in a couple of days as I have to chuck my older mascaras and start with something new and nice. I picked up a Black-Brown version as I haven't used a muted brown mascara for a while.
  • Clarins has got new toners with real amazing benefits for sensitive skin, dry skin and combination-oily skin. These look to be very promising and would help balancing the skin in a newer way. Since Clarins hasn't launched any new product in India in their makeup franchise, we are going to feel sore while missing their new single eyeshadows that are enriched with minerals. Hope they launch their holiday collection at least and keep us enthralled like all times.
  • I managed to buy a La Prairie cream from my friend at last. Its to with radiance of the skin and helps promote anti-ageing benefits while it renews skin. At the price that I have shelled out I couldn't expect a better deal from La Prairie. This is a product that promised me wonders and I can see them happening. Its all about having every brightening ingredient on the face and seeing that it works.
  • The Emilio Pucci Collection for Guerlain, is limited edition and more of a collector's item with  an array of amazing launches. I loved the deep indigo kohl, gloss and nail the most whilst the bronzer is simply divine. I hope I am able to get the product before it vanishes from the counters and I have enough money to buy them. The brush is too tacky for the price one pays and that is only one thing I would not recommend. The eyeshadow palette is serene and youthful whilst the glosses are sumptuous. The entire collection is beautifully made and sort of piece de resistance.
There is more to come from the Beauty Explorer. Hope you liked this post. Do let me know in the comments.

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  1. Rimmel is there at the Delhi airport too but the lack of testers for most of the products was a turn off :(

    1. OH dats bad! But Im sure its worth the wait! Their Long lasting lipsticks are amazing!

  2. hey, can u please specify the place in vashi?


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