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Day to Night Glam-Up

This is a day to night look post for someone who has to attend a party or an evening function just after her job. It maybe a very cliched thing for pros as there are many videos who show how to do them but I did this for a few of my readers who do not have time to go through those amazing videos and posts. 

Some may find this makeup to be a bit too much for the day, but please remember that for photography generally you have to do a bit of exaggerated makeup to bring out the features in a better manner. Some colors look too bright and overwhelming with the camera flash light but look uber natural in natural light settings.



You can literally achieve this smokey eyed night look with additional 3 steps. Lets see how.....

I used the BH cosmetics Jenni Rivera 36 Eyeshadow and Blush palette to do this look. This is one palette that is really handy and has an amazing portability with a variety of colors to enable some amazing makeup looks. The textures are butter smooth and this is one fail safe palette I have seen after a long time.
I have used the following colors;
  • Icy crystal cool white - #1
  • Taupey Bronze with multi colored shimmer - #2
  • Dirty silvery grey taupe - #3
  • Satin brown with red tones - #4
  • Beige with lilac tones - #5

Conceal the under eye area with a concealer. I did a huge mistake by listening to a friend and using MAC NW 30 concealer. It just makes my under eye area grey. Instead I recommend a yellow based concealer that is set with a neutral or peach toned powder to get amazing results. Its wise to listen to the MAC MUA bragging about these things but I would suggest one should use their own discretion so that they avoid disasters like these.

Prime the lids for long lasting results. Normally you can miss this step but when its a makeup that has to last really long, its advisable to use a primer. This locks the eyeshadow to remain stay put on the eye lids especially for anyone with oily lids.

Add a wash of MAC Paint pot in Groundwork to make things last longer. This is one of the best MAC paint pots I have used and is perfect to create a neutral eye and make a transition to smokey eye.

Trace the perimeter of eye with Bourjois Khol and Contour eye pencil in Noir Expert. This step just adds to the longevity of the look. Also some ladies love really intense kohl-ed eyes even during the day and this is a good choice.

Apply #4 shadow (mentioned above) on the outer corners and blending towards the crease. You can adjust it according to the shape of your eyes.

Since I like deeper crease to make my eyes look bigger, I blend these browns towards the brow bone to create an illusion of bigger lids. This step is good for anyone with deep set eyes or asian eyes with epicanthic folds.

Smoke the #4 shadow on the lower rims to complete encircling the entire eye. A little shadow on the lower lids gives an illusion of a natural looking eyes although there's some concealer underneath. Also makes the makeup look complete.

Highlight with #5 eyeshadow. A little sparkle during the day is not bad too. Just remember to keep it muted if you have to travel to some place for a meeting and if you have too bright fluorescent lights in your workplace. 

Apply #3 on the entire lid and highlight the inner corners with #1 to open up the eyes.

A bit of taupey grey shimmer dusted on eyes looks quite flattering for any outfit apt for office. Its better than donning an extreme cool silvery eye or going gaga with gold.

Curl the lashes and apply 2 coats of a long lasting mascara like Bourjois Volume Glamour MAX Definition in Black. This mascara resists flakiness and gives weightless feeling dramatically defined lashes in 2 strokes.


Apply #2 eyeshadow on the upper lid from inner to outer parts closest to the lash line.

Do the same for the lower lid. Do not hesitate to go a bit lower as smokey eyes look very flattering in that way too. Just remember to conceal well. Also intensify the kohl in the inner rims of lower lids.

Curl lashes over the previously applied day mascara. This makes the curl look stronger and opens up the eyes better.

Add 3-4 coats of the same defining mascara. This mascara is good for such occasions as it helps in creating voluptuous lashes without clumping. In case of clumps use a lash comb or a spoolie brush to get rid of them. 

And this is the finished look. You can transit from a Day makeup look to a night makeup in 3 steps that could be summed as follows :-
  1. Apply a darker eyeshadow starting nearest from the eye lid.
  2. Intensifying the already applied kohl pencil (especially if you are lucky and the kohl stays the whole day)
  3. Curling lashes and intensifying the mascara.
Keep the blush simple, peachy and matte through the day with a neutral toned lipstick. You can also tone down a bright lipstick by blotting the excess with a tissue and use the same lipstick at night as well.Generally a slick of gloss which has high shine or shimmer flatters the evenings more. This makeup can be also completed by using a plain tinted lip balm through the day and high watt gloss at night.
Since I haven't really used long lasting products in this post, I would prefer to make a post exclusively for those kind of products in the subsequent upcoming posts.

Hope you liked the look.

Till then,


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  1. doc...u r the BEST...Whatta transformation from day to nite look...i loved the nite look.. the palettee is such a temptresss :D

    1. its a lovely palette na...Thanks a lot! do try this look out and lemme know!
      Wish u happy friendship day!

  2. wow, great job, I always love your tutorial <3

    1. Thanks a lot Rakhshanda..Wish u very happy Friendship Day!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Coral Crue. Wish u very Happy Friendship Day!

    2. Happy Friendship Day to you too, Neeraj. How sweet of you :)*hugs*

  4. Happy F'ship day doc! I luved the night look a lot!

    1. Thank u so much Shivangi! Wish u a very Happy Friendship Day!

  5. this is a beautiful beautiful look! absolutely stunning!

  6. hey doc, perfect again. what do you think about the bh es palettes? i am planning on getting them, so please let me know. thank you :)

    1. BH cosmetics palettes are amazing. I always use them wherever I can from brides, to shoots and everywhere.
      Truly amazing palettes...if I cud buy all, I would buy all of them!

  7. Neeraj, you make every tutorials so simple. Kudos!


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