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Review : Makeup Forever Sculpting Brush

I got hold of a couple of brushes from this amazing store in Bandra named Beautiful and this brush is one of them. When priced at over 2500 INR, I had always yearned to own a supersoft lovely duo brush like this and one fine day my prayers were answered. Since I got this one and only brush left in stock for 1250 INR, I immediately bought it and shot the pics for reviewing.

So presenting the amazing Make Up For Ever Sculpting Brush review. Unfortunately this happened after MUFE withdrew itself from the Indian markets with a better plan to launch the brand with upcoming Sephora (a little birdie told me so).

Lets read about this beauty after the jumpbreak............

This is what Make Up For Ever has to say about this brush..

Designed to use with Sculpting Kit, one end is an angled blusher to shade/contour, the other end is a round blusher to apply highlight onto prominent areas. Ultra soft yet firm enough bristles for sculpting.
What it is: 
A sculpting brush.
What it does:
Make Up For Ever Double-Ended Sculpting Brush and Case is specifically designed to be used for face contouring. The double-ended brush is able to perfectly adapt to correct and contour the face structure. One end is a slanted shaping brush to sculpt and the other end is a rounded uplight brush to illuminate. The bristles are ultra soft yet firm enough to enable the user to easily blend powder over the face. The Sculpting Brush is presented in a black pouch that has enough room to carry the Sculpting Kit as well.


It comes in this beautiful black pouch with the brand logo written on it. It looks luxe and professionally competent and looks plush in my vanity. Although I dont know whom I would use it on except myself for the blog posts. The pouch closes thanks to the magnets and is handy enough to keep some more extra makeup stuff. MUFE recommends keeping their handy sculpting kit (available in four shades) with it though. I would keep nothing except the brush though.


Its one of the softest brushes I have ever used, inspite of the bristles being synthetic. The bristles have a two tone, with white at the starting from the ferrule and graduating to a black at the tips. The material seems like Taklon or Nylon, but whatever it is, they are softer than the Sigmax brushes. Sometimes I despise having soft brushes as they might have compensated on the performance of the brush, but that isn't the case here. The brush is adept to pick just the right quantity of blush or contour powder and help layer the colors. This is my school of thought though. I like brushes that pick a bit less color so that I can build up the product on the face and thence give it a very silky appearance on the skin. This brush precisely did what I wanted.

Although its a duo brush, the black lacquered handle is long enough to make the application comfortable. IT gives enough space to hold the brush.

Since it is dual ended, I will describe the brush with individual sides.


This is a soft tapering side with an angle that would enable to shade the contours of the face brilliantly. Although this is a synthetic brush, I didn't use a cream product to try out as I was scared that it would stain the brush. I have heard that these white brushes do not look white again and this is already happening. (I shot the brush new though.)
It is fantastic to apply powdered matte bronzers or contouring powders on the shadowed areas of the face.   


This is a long dome shaped brush specially designed to apply powders. With the dome shape its a good brush to buff powder into skin to give a silky satiny finish rather than making a matte complexion. Its good enough to apply blushers and highlighters and give them a beautiful finish.

I would use the Sculpting Brush to do the following :
  • apply contour powders and bronzers
  • apply translucent powders to create a silken veil over the face
  • apply blushers and highlighters for a delicately beautiful complexion

Since I got it from a store named Beautiful I would not be able to tell the actual price of this product in India. 


With such soft bristles, multi functionality and two brushes in one, its a very good price to pay.

Hope you liked the review. 

Till then,


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  1. nice review they hav mufe hd foundis?..n other stuff like rouge artist intense lippies? dying to get my hands on some mufe stuff

  2. Wow... that's a great deal Neeraj :-)

    1. its a steal na...he had just one u know or else wud have told everyone. will notify if he gets any!

  3. hi u pls pls get the mufe hd wala foundation frm there for me as i stay in delhi and its impossible for me to get hold of the foundation at that price..plr reply back at had mailed u earliar also regarding some query....

    1. Hi. Will try if he has ur shade. Lemme know the number. Thanks

  4. U were so lucky to get this at such huge discount!

    1. Hahaha true. Was lucky after a long time. They have amazing collections though.

  5. luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you neeraj :D :D this is sooooo beautifullllll i want this sooo badly now :D


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