Saturday, September 1, 2012

Beauty Explorer : Welcome SEPTEMBER!!

The time has flown so fast and no one knows or can say how? September is a month from which all the amazing festivals begin but also a month of gloom as it would be my deceased father's birthday on 8th Sept. Being torn in between waves of grief and mirth, its not going to be an easy month.

With a drought declared in Maharashtra, things aren't as easy as they used to be. The dramatic atmospheric changes and drastic changes in health have taken a toll of my work and its been a difficult job to keep up with the blog. Anyways, what's life without hindrances and obstacles and what fun would it be if life was perfect.


  • I haven't shot a single tutorial since 2 weeks (I swear) and will have to do so to cope up with all the backlogs at Beauty Traveller. I am on a hunt for a very good concealer and maybe an under eye brightener to get brighter looking eyes for the tutorials. The late night sleeps and long working hours are really cumbersome.
  • I have a big backlog of mascaras to review and shall do a lovely GIVEAWAY of this beautiful CLINIQUE HIGH LENGTHS MASCARA that I have purchased for the same. Will announce it soon. It seems like Rafflecopter has forgotten me so need to renew my vows with the application.
  • I want to shop for lipglosses and eye liners for work and would love to take in your suggestion. I did come across some lovely stuff from NYX at dirt cheap prices and wouldn't mind blowing up some money on them if they perform well.
  • Buying some Elizabeth Arden, Inglot and MAC stuff for bridals and portfolios and also a KRYOLAN  Aqua color palette for a fashion show where the theme is based on Batman and the villians. The villians would be Scorpiana, Nocturna, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Cat Woman, Lady Shiva for girls and Bane, Joker, Ridler, Two Face, Mr. Freeze and The Batman himself. If the characters come out well and nice, I would post them on the blog too.
Do keep reading.

Till then,


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  1. The fashion show theme is so cool! Would love to see the looks you come up with

    1. Trust me, the theme is whimsical and amazing. Going to have a tough time conjuring up the looks though.

  2. I am waiting for the intensive reviews! In NYX products available here in Pune, I can see the Expiry date being changed by pasting a sticker on top which is really irksome :(

    1. Dunno. Nyx shud be available in supermarkets like Spencer's n all. The change of stickers is not unheard of and can be challenged legally if you have the time and patience to do so.

  3. hi....i am planning to buy shiseido lifting foundation...any comments for that....i want a full coverage foundation with some luminising properties........

    1. Then go for Lancome Teint Idole ultra 24 h foundation...its better than any foundation I have ever seen!

  4. Hello Dr Neeraj...can you suggest me a good concealer to conceal acne scars and also a full coverage foundation. I have acne/oily skin type

  5. Hello Dr Neeraj..can you suggest me a good concealer for acne scars and also a full coverage foundation. My skin type is oily/acne prone.


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